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on "Parameric Tools and Computational Design in Architecture."

Under the Aegis of Council of Architecture’s Training Research Centre, COA-TRC Bhopal, and VES College of Architecture, Mumbai, is jointly organizing 08 Day National Online Short Term Training Program on the topic “Parametric Tools and Computational Design in Architecture” from 01st April 2023 to 23rd April 2023, 01 PM to 04 PM.


An algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome is being explored world-wide, which is commonly called as Parametric Design or Computational Design. Design thinking and parametric modelling approach help rationalise complex design problems into geometry, which can be further analysed for their performance and optimised using various computational techniques. Such research and industry-oriented field of design can be best learnt through practical training and interaction with the experts in the industry.

In this context, the national online short term training program on “Parametric Tools and Computational Design in Architecture” is curated with a focus on implementing the design projects using parametric design thinking. The workshop includes a presentation on understanding the topic, hands-on software training, and interaction with industry experts who will be presenting their approach of research and practice.

This will be an introductory training program of 24 hours, scheduled over April month only during Saturdays and Sundays [01:00 PM to 04:00 PM].  The medium of instruction will be in English and comprises of 8 modules. Hands-on sessions are planned for effective learning and practice of the modules.

The learnings from this program shall help the participants to integrate and implement the knowledge in their respective academic and professional domains.

Schedule of the Program:

DAY 1 – 01.04.2023 – Saturday (12:30 PM to 04:00 PM)
Inaugural Ceremony (12:30 pm to 01:00pm)
Module 01: Introduction and workshop overview – Computational Design Approach
Module 02: Design Thinking in Parametric Architecture

DAY 2 –  02.04.2023 – Sunday (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 03: Parametric Design, Fabrication & Feasibility
Module 04: Computational Methods in Urban Forms

DAY 3 – 08.04.2023 – Saturday (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 05: Geometry in Rhino & Grasshopper 3D tools
Module 06: 3d Modelling in Rhino

DAY 4 – 09.04.2023 – Sunday  (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 07: 3d Modelling in Rhino (Hands-on session)
Module 08: 3d Modelling in Rhino (Hands-on session)

DAY 5 – 15.04.2023 – Saturday (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 09: 3d Modelling in Grasshopper (Hands-on session)
Module 10: 3d Modelling in Grasshopper (Hands-on session)

DAY 6 – 16.04.2023 – Sunday (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 11: Design Research and Reconfigurable Moulds
Module 12: Environmental Simulations using Honeybee tools

DAY 7 – 22.04.2023 – Saturday  (01:00 PM to 04:00 PM)
Module 13: Daylight & Solar Irradiation Analysis using Honeybee tools (Hands-on session)
Module 14: Daylight & Solar Irradiation Analysis using Honeybee tools (Hands-on session)

DAY 8 – 23.04.2023 – Sunday   (01:00 PM to 04:30 PM)
Module 15: Generating Geometry for Digital Fabrication (Hands-on session)
Module 16: Generating Geometry for Digital Fabrication (Hands-on session)
Valedictory Ceremony

 Speakers of the 08 Day National Online Short Term Training Program:

  1. Ar. Vinay Mathias , Mumbai
  2. Ar. Dhanashree Sardeshpande , Pune
  3. Ar. Krishna Murthy , Mumbai
  4. Ar. Devansh Daisaria , Mumbai
  5. Ar. M.Almas Surti , Melbourne
  6. Ar. Vaishaly , Noida
  7. Ar. Ajit Nirmal , Mumbai
  8. Ar. Tejaswini Walunj , Mumbai

Key Takeaways: This program shall equip students and professionals from architecture to have a clear understanding of computational design using suitable Rhino and Grasshopper tools.

Who can participate: Students, Faculty, researchers, and Professionals

Registration Fee:
For B.Arch students – INR 1500/- (Only 25 Seats for UG students)
For Academicians/Professionals/PG and Ph.D. students – INR 3000/- (valid COA registration required)
Others – INR 5000/- (Other professionals without valid COA registration number)
Kindly check and confirm the seat availability first, then make the payment.

Dates: 01st April 2023 to 23rd April 2023

Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Online Platform: Zoom meetings




Convenor: Dr. Navneet Munoth, Hon Director, CoA-TRC Bhopal

Chief Co-ordinator: Dr. Prof. Anand Achari | +91-9322838968 | email:

Co-ordinator: Ar. Mital Patel | +91-9429579516 | email:

Co-ordinator in Support: Ar. Jinisha Lodaya |  +91-8606266634|

Online Coordinators: Ar. Monica Giduturi |+91-9884425164 |


The nomination form for FDP events organized by COA-TRC Bhopal is Here &  Information flyer for the program is Here.
Up to 5 faculty members from each Institute may be nominated for an event under the Collaborative Training Project (CTP 2022-2023).
Registration will be closed once 35 seats are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

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