Facility: Faculty room is more of a space for faculty discussion room and space for more interactions.

Studio: There are 5 studios of 160 square feet, each fully furnished with 40 drafting table and stools. Every students gets individual lockers. There are special locations for model making and computer use in the studios. The studio is fully equipped with Audio and Visual facility and Wi-Fi connection for students. Plenty of softboards on the studio walls for display of work

Classroom: There are 2 Classroom with Chairs for classroom activities. There is provision for audio-Visual and WiFi Connections

Computer Lab: Fully airconditioned computer lab with 40 computers of very high-end configuration for graphics use. All computers are loaded with licenced software’s such as CorelDRAW, Photoshop, SketchUp and Envi-Met.

Library: There are wide variety of books on various topics. There are international and national journals. Institute has online published journals also. There is place for reading and working on computers and wifi accessible for study. Students are encouraged to use the late hours of library.

Laboratory and Workshop: Currently there are 2 labs of Environmental Lab and Surveying lab with the latest gadgets for students use. There are 2 workshops of Carpentry workshop and Model Making workshop with all facilities and instruments. Students are encouraged to spend maximum time in the labs and workshop.

  • Canteen
  • Construction Yard
  • Seminar Room (Shared)
  • Outdoor Playground (Shared)
  • Carpentry Workshop (Shared)
  • Stationary and Reprographics Space (Shared)
  • Hostel Facility
  • ATM Facility