Labs and Workshop


Carpentry Workshop

The carpentry workshop is well equipped for making wooden models & furniture items. Here along with the safety gears, we have Varity of traditional hand tools such as hammer, chisel, saw, marking gauge, spirit level, clamps, bench vice, carpentry vice etc. & latest machine tools such as wood working lathe machine, table saw, belt grinder, jig saw, mini drill machine etc. for shaping wood.



Model Making Workshop

The model making workshop is provided for preparing miniature model of student’s design project. This facility is equipped with laser cutting machine, hot wire foam cutting machine, pottery wheel machine, glue gun, and ample of working



Environmental Laboratory

Environmental laboratory is set up introducing use of climatic data & meteorological measurement instrument in the architecture education. The lab is equipped with traditional equipment like non recording rain gauge, cup counter anemometer, thematic maps, weather maps, annual reports etc. & digital instrument like thermo-anemometer, flugerad-anemometer, thermos-hygrometer, infrarot- thermometer, lux meter etc.



Services Lab

The services laboratory enables students to understand various product & technology used in electrical, firefighting, air cooling, building automation here, various product related to building services are displayed & demonstration of newer technology are organized.



Material museum & Surveying lab

Knowledge of building material is essential to architectural students. The material museum at VESCOA is constantly evolving by adding new construction & fishing materials that are available in local market. Drawers & shelves for storing large samples & pull out racks for displaying planar materials are sample in the material museum.


The surveying instrument useful for measuring features of land for designing & construction work are available in this laboratory. The traditional manual tools such as plan table survey, dumpy level, Vernier transit theodolite, optical square, metric chain, fiber glass tape & advance electronic / digital tools such as laser level, hand held GPS receiver are great assets in this laboratory.