VESCOA provides holistic education by balancing academics with extracurricular activities, one of the programs is the “VESCOA Club” series that aims at giving a hands-on experience to students on the nuances of design and building catering to various interests. Extracurricular activities provide a setting to become involved and have fun interactions with other students, thus leading to increased learning with enhanced development.


Art club allows for free expression from students so they can feel open to experimenting and creating from their imaginations. Students have unique ideas, powerful imaginations and need the space to work through their artistic expression on their own terms, without any objectives and boundaries such clubs helps for their overall growth.

To develop a visual vocabulary for expressive thoughtful illustrations.and aims to understand the act of storytelling, visual narration to create self-determining contextuals


The aim of this club is to encourage students to use Watercolors freely and to create more handmade sketches which could be useful for their Architectural Portfolios. It includes demonstrations of techniques used in watercolor. Students are made familiar with different tools and materials used in Watercolors.


The aim of this club is to equip students to read and analyze texts of different genres and be able to present their ideas with the use of professional language and expression. It is to help the students seek multidisciplinary knowledge about critiquing, Disciplinary thinking and peer learning are the key tools in this club which help in enhancing the socio – cultural, political, and philosophical aspects of the society.


Oil Painting club caters to the creative skills of students as they get an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities to express their imagination, enrich their aesthetic abilities and learn a new art which they are fond of.

It serves as a nice supplement for the B. Arch students to introduce the concept of opaque colors, fundamentals of oil paintings with an emphasis on light and shadow analysis. Students are taught to analyze maximum visual information from an image/model and to use proper contour, gesture, and values in developing the painting project.

The course is designed to introduce students to the basics of oil painting and by the end of the course helps them to develop individual painting styles.


Music is the language of the soul. VESCOA started Music Club with the objective of encouraging musical talent among students. The club has emerged as an important platform for the students to showcase their talent of vocal and instrumental music. The club gives musical performances on Republic Day, Marathi Bhasha Diwas and on other such occasions. By inculcating love for music among students, college gives them an opportunity to develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing programs.


Its focus is to capture things around, see it differently and give a unique perspective. In this club the participants learn to see the uniqueness even in the most mundane things and polish their skills in the art of observation that enables them to heighten their visual ability.


Digital Art always creates curiosity amongst students to use digital technology for creating a work of art or architecture. This club enables the participants to handle the design and fabrication of complex art and designs.

The students have a great time learning a lot of new skills and techniques and they produce some wonderful artwork. It serves as an addition for the students who can’t cope up with art in their regular academics allowing them more opportunities and freedom to try new things.

Vivekanand Education Society (VES) runs 26 institutions in the vicinity of Chembur. The Society’s aim is to impart quality education to all including the economically backward classes thereby playing an important role in the progress of our country, vision of Shri Hashu Advaniji, a great social worker.

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