Vision / Mission


To develop a vibrant knowledge-oriented environment and a center of excellence in the field of Architecture towards creating a sustainable humane habitat.


  • To inculcate the culture of value-based education.
  • To develop an ambient environment for research and sharing of knowledge
  • To enable learning towards excellence with professional disposition.
  • To encourage creative innovation in the field of Architecture.
  • To sensitize role and design for sustainable humane habitat.

Quality Policy

VESCOA is committed to impart quality education in a conducive environment with the help of experienced and enthusiastic faculty. We continuously strive to improve the teaching-learning process to achieve academic excellence.

VESCOA will focus on collaborative working with the students, teachers, and professionals towards key areas like learning, realization, discovering, engaging, integration and becoming leaders in the society. The institution will work towards empowering the students in engaging with the society along with the nature and the built environment around them. Students will be engaged towards enriching their knowledge keeping values of traditional system and working towards experimentation and innovation.