One day seminar at Pharmacy: “Creating competent pharmacy professionals to positively impact healthcare of the society”


(L to R: Dr Prashant Murumkar, Dr. Jharana Das, Coordinator, Dr. Sujata Bhat, Dr. Rajendra Nanaware, Mr. B. L. Boolani,Trustee-in-Charge, Mr. Ahluwalia, Dr. Mrs. Supriya SHidhaye, Principal)


In alignment of its Vision “Creating competent pharmacy professionals to positively impact healthcare of the society”, Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Pharmacy, Chembur, Mumbai, organized one day Seminar on ‘Tropical Diseases: Challenges and advances’ on January 16th, 2016. This seminar was focused on the various facets of research and development in the field of tropical diseases in general and TB and malaria in particular. Tropical diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease etc. pose a threat to humans due to their strange nature and ability to develop drug resistance for the existing therapies. So there exists an earnest need to discover newer molecules or approaches to address the challenges in these areas. Importantly, the populations from third world countries are majorly suffering from these diseases. In India, the burden of these diseases is alarming and need urgent attention. The main objective of the seminar was to provide a platform for the research scholars, teachers and health community to discuss and gain knowledge on all recent developments in TB and Malaria and encourage them to adopt this as their research field of choice in their careers.


The seminar was well attended by as many as 100 delegates consisting of students, academicians and Pharma industry people. The speakers of national and international repute presented their lectures on various aspects of tropical diseases which included scientific talks from many eminent speakers from academia as well as industry. These included Dr. Rajendra Nanaware, Medical Superintend, BMC, Mumbai, Prof. Sujata Bhat, Hon. Prof., Kelkar Vaze College, Mumbai; Dr. Prashant Murumkar, M. S. University Baroda, Vadodara, Commander Dr. Rahul Tyagi, INHS Aswini , Mumbai, Dr. Uday Sankar, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad. The seminar was partly supported by Rotary e-club, Mumbai.   Founder trustee of the college, Shri. B. L. Boolani, Coordinator Dr. Jharana Das and Principal Dr. Supriya Shidhaye, Commodore Mr. Ahluwalia, Chartered President of e-club graced the occasion.


Dr Rakesh Somani, Professor and HOD, Deptt of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Mrs. Gayatri Agrawal, Asst. Prof. and HOD, Deptt of Pharmacology were the coordinators of this seminar. Faculty members in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Deptt of Pharmacology took the efforts to successfully organize this seminar.


This seminar was successful in drawing attention of budding scientists towards emerging research trends in tropical diseases.