Mrs. Shobha Sethi

Principal Desk

Mrs. Shobha Sethi

“Education” in modern parlance implies a world of new connotations, concepts and definitions. Each parent desires to see his child ‘educated’ in the best possible manner. Education has always been the transmission of civilization. Children today need more guidance, opportunities, counseling and sympathy in contrast to mere classroom instruction.

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Staff Details

  • Primary Section - Teaching Staff & Non Teaching Staff
  • Pre-Primary Section - Teaching Staff & Non Teaching Staff

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Vocational Guidance Bureau

Vocational Guidance means assistance given to an individual in solving problems related to career planning and to choose the occupation that one is interested and wants to assert considering the individuals personality, skills and their relation to occupational opportunities. We provide assistance in solving problems relating to choice of career, change in occupation and alterations made from the standpoint of society.

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  • Ignited Mind Lab
  • IPM Scholarship
  • Jagruti Patriotic Singing
  • Sindhi Competition(Outside School)
  • ‘M’ Ward Inter-School
  • Rotract Club: – Expression
  • Atharva Trust (Dombivali)
  • Drawing
  • Colouring (Kala Academy)
  • Handwriting

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