With over 22,000 students through its 26 schools, colleges and academies, Vivekanand Education Society (VES) is uniquely positioned to disseminate useful inputs on physical, mental health and emotional well being. As Managing Trustree, Shri Baldev Boolani puts it, “The mind matters a great deal. There are three key emotions that affect mind: fear, anger and negativity. These arise due to various reasons, and, in the case of students, are often intertwined with low self-confidence, lack of objectivity and an inability to analyze one’s actions for self-improvement. Hence it is essential for us, in VES, to help our students learn the science and art of mind-management.”

VESLARC was created to empower students and via student counselling, with the skills to navigate their way through the world and the values for emotional resilience. “Manage the self, manage the world” is hence the apt motto for VESLARC.

What is counselling…

Counseling is a face to face communication technique that is aimed to help a person make decisions or solve problems. It provides a safe, non-judgmental way to self discovery, self acceptance and brings mental peace.

Mental health and holistic wellness is emerging as a major area of concern, and consequently, as an important area of opportunity, for improving productivity in a healthy manner. The advantage of doing so is two-pronged: healthy students and staff make for better learners and teachers, thereby enhancing the impact of education, and more importantly, healthy habits thus acquired in childhood and youth tend to last through adult-hood, thus enabling a healthy society, and creating a wider, longer-lasting benefit. At the leadership academy we aim to apply different types of counselling methods based on student needs in order to achieve optimal results.

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