Vision & Mission


 “Creating competent pharmacy professionals to positively impact healthcare of the society”



In pursuance of its vision, VES College of Pharmacy aims to excel in the field of pharmacy education and research by:

  1. Maintaining quality education through competent faculty members, skilled support staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  2. Providing conducive academic environment of higher standard that encourages interactive learning, builds research abilities and provides opportunities for active professional network.
  3. Inculcating the values and commitment towards better healthcare of the society.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

Graduates of Programme will:

a)   Expand the knowledge base by pursuing higher studies in various fields of pharmaceutical sciences and/ or management.
b)   Contribute to the research and development in the pharmaceutical sciences.
c)   Become a competent pharmacy professional and work at responsible positions in various areas of pharmaceutical industry and allied fields.
d)   Serve society on health care issues with professional ethics.


Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

At graduation, the learner will attain the following outcomes:

  1. An ability to comprehend, integrate and apply basic concepts and practical skills of core and allied courses of pharmaceutical sciences. (Pharmacy Knowledge)
  2. An ability to plan and demonstrate technical skills required for all aspects of drug product development in sustainable manner. (Planning abilities, thinking abilities, sustainability)
  3. An ability to communicate effectively with various stake holders of health care team by verbal, written and multimedia modes. (Communication)
  4. An ability to understand, develop, analyze and use medical literature of products of various therapeutic segments for sales, product promotion, clinical research, pharmacovigilance. (Pharmacy knowledge)
  5. An ability to engage in team work and assume leadership roles for various professional and healthcare activities.(Leadership skills, Professional identity)
  6. An ability to understand usage of modern tools and/ or technologies in better health care management.(Modern tool usage, Professional Identity)
  7. An ability to identify the need and engage in life-long learning for adapting to higher studies and newer technological/scientific advancements.(Lifelong learning)
  8. An ability to work ethically towards improving health and wellness of the society as an important element in healthcare chain.( Ethics, The Pharmacist & Society)