Circular of Students grievance redressal cell

Grievance Redressal System (GRS)


Notice for GRS by Principal (Click here


A. Definitions:

A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by any stack holder of VESCOP towards any other individual or group or committee or administration within the institute.

Grievance Redressal will primarily cover the receipt and processing of complaints from students and staff, a wider definition includes actions taken on any issue raised by them to avail services more effectively at VESCOP.


B. Who should file a grievance?

Anyone who belongs or related to VESCOP organization can file a grievance including staff, students and parents. The acceptance of the grievance is subject to verification of association of the candidate to the institute and relevance of the grievance to above-mentioned heads. Once the grievance is verified, it will be forwarded to concern office. The identity of the complainant will be kept anonymous if required. 


Grievance Redressal typically covers the following types of complaints:

1. Service Unavailability

i. Grievance related to Admission

ii. Grievance related to Attendance

iii. Grievance related to charging of fees

iv. Grievance related to the provision of student amenities and quality education as promised or required to be provided


2. Excessive Delays

i. Result

ii. Transcripts

iii. Payments


3. Injustice concerns (such as over race, caste, sex)

i. Grievance on discrimination by students from SC/ST/Minority /Disabled Categories

ii. Grievance on discrimination by students from Women category


4. Misbehavior/ Harassment  

i. Grievance related to harassment by students or teachers


5. Malpractice

i. Non-observation of AICTE/DTE/University of Mumbai norms and standards


6. OthersAnything genuine and reasonable that is not mentioned here, which could not be resolved through proper channels of applications, information and/or complaints, would only be considered.

C. How Grievance will be addressed?

1) Addressees need to register themselves only once at the portal.

2) Once registration is complete the portal will allow the addressee to file the complaint after proper login.

3) The request would be forwarded to the respective officer and if required will be escalated to higher authorities in the institute.

4) An inquiry will be initiated for the matter.

5) The coordinator or committee head may arrange for face to face meeting if required.

6) The coordinator or committee head may arrange for face to face meeting if required.

7) However, if the addressee is not satisfied he/she can revive the complaint.

8) Following is a list of Grievances Redressal Committees : (Refer Point B above for grievances type)


Sr. No Committees Grievance Type
1 Grievance Redressal Committee B1, B2, B5, B6
2 Internal Complaint Committee B3-ii
3 Admission Grievance Committee B1-i
4 Anti-ragging Committee B4


File your grievances


1. I have clearly understood the procedure for grievance redressal system,

2. My grievance is genuine, reasonable and is backed by earlier communication to the concerned,

3. I shall present myself to the committee, if required, in order to assist in readdressing the grievance filed by me.