VES College of Pharmacy provides and support a research culture.To boost and support the research the management has hired services of Prof. Mangal. Nagarsenkar to add value in the research by faculty and students. The enthusiastic Faculty members work in various nisch areas as evident from their personal profiles. Till date the faculty members of VES College of Pharmacy have published 132 research and review articles.

Research Grants Received (2016-18)

Sr. No. Faculty Title Cost Agency
  Dr. Supriya Shidhaye Received Research grant “Targeted Solid Lipid Nanoparticulate delivery system of β-Caryophyllene oxide containing n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid as anticancer nanocarrier for treatment of Breast cancer”.  (2018-2020) Rs. 3500000/- Science and Engineering Research Board, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt of India,
  Mr Pratip Chaskar Exploring Newer Applications of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHCs) in Pharmaceutical Research 45,000/- University of Mumbai
  Dr. (Mrs.) Rajashree Hirlekar Design and evaluation of herbal anticancer formulation Rs. 21,00,000/- AICTE Research Promotion Scheme (All India Council of Technical Education)
  PI: Dr Supriya Shidhaye

Research Scholar : Ms Bhagyashree Parab

Mrs Pradnya Korlekar

Design And Development of  NDDS 5,13,000/- Merck Specialities Pvt Ltd
  Dr Supriya Shidhaye , Ms Ruchi Singh Development of Transdermal Delivery System 2,47,440/- Cerelia Nutritech Pvt ltd.
  Dr Gaurav Doshi Acute / Sub acute and Chronic  toxicity study 90,000/- L’amar Naturals Pvt Ltd
  Mrs Vidhi Bhatia “Design and Development of Herbal formulation for prevention and treatment of Dengue” 25,000/- University of Mumbai
  Mr. Ojaskumar D.  Agarwal ‘Bioactivity Guided Fractionation of Some Selected Medicinal Plant Extracts for Antidiabetic Activity’  (Research Project No: 674, ref No: APD/237/429 of 2017 Dated: 16 Jan 2017). 30,000/- University of Mumbai
  Mrs Pradnya Shinde Korlekar “Evaluation of pharmacological activity of some newly synthesized compounds.” 35,000/- University of Mumbai
  Mrs Ashwini Wani “Formulation and evaluation of topical drug delivery system” 30,000/- University of Mumbai
  Dr Sameer Padhye “Design and optimization of microemulsion of drug with poor aqueous solubility.” 30,000/- University of Mumbai


1)Dr. Supriya Shidhaye Ms. Chaitali Surve  : patent Application No. 1341/ MUM/ 2013 entitled “Novel Oral drug delivery system for the treatment of allergic asthma

2) Dr. Supriya Shidhaye Ms. Ruchi Singh, Ms. Chaitali Surve : Patent Application No. 1679/ MUM/ 2015 on 27.04.2016  entitled “Novel Oral Lipid Based Formulations And Processes of Preparation Thereof”

3) Dr. Rajashree Hirlekar, Samruddhi Rane : patent Application No. 3800/ MUM/ 2013A on 04.12.2013 entitled “Curcumin Microemulgel”

4) Mrs. Harsha Kathpalia , Neha Sathe :patent Application No.  TEMP/E-1/10611/2017-MUM entitled “Topical Film forming gel of an antifungal agent”

5) Dr. Supriya Shidhaye , Teeja Suthar : Patent Application No. TEMP/E1/17976/2018- MUM on 04.05.2018 entitled “Pulsatile Drug Delivery System for treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension”