Laboratories & Research Facilities

  • State-of-the art eighteen laboratories help students to practically learn the theoretical concepts and also the skill of working with sophisticated equipment’s.
  • The college possesses all the desired equipment’s prescribed by various regulatory bodies including University of Mumbai.
  • Each laboratory is provided with fire fighting equipment, emergency shower and first-aid box for safety.
  • State-of-the-art, Committee for the Purpose of Control & Supervision of Experimentation on Animals (CPCSEA) approved fully air conditioned animal house facility to conduct experiments using various animals like Mice, Rats, Guinea Pig, Rabbits. The primary objective of the animal house facility is to assist investigators to plan and conduct animal experiments in accord with the highest scientific, humane and ethical principles.


The College has four departments viz., Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.


The department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry has 3 UG labs, 1 PG lab and a central instrument room with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorimeter, Flame photometer, IR Spectrophotometer, Sophisticated safety instruments like Eye Showers & Washers, Fume Cupboard & Microwave Synthesizer etc. The 3 UG Labs include Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Organic Chemistry Lab. This department is headed by Dr. Rakesh R. Somani.


The department of Pharmaceutics has 3 UG labs, one pilot plant and one post-graduate laboratory. The UG labs include Pharmaceutics-I, Pharmaceutics-II and Biotechnology lab. In addition, there is a separate in-process quality control room. Certain GMP standards are implemented in the design of the labs including concealed water and sewage lines, microscope lights, balance covers and provision of adequate lockers. There is a separate preparation area in each lab. Practicals dealing with sterile operations are conducted in Biotechnology Lab. This lab has an excellently designed sterile area with wash and change areas, air locks, air shower, laminar bench and HEPA filters. We have an integrated and prefabricated designed Pilot Plant. The pilot plant has many equipment’s and machines for dosage form development including solids, coating, liquids, semisolids and size reduction mills. This department is headed by Dr. Ganga Srinivasan.


The department of Pharmacology has a well maintained animal house apart from a UG lab that deals with studies related to pharmacotherapeutics and drug interaction experiments and includes excellent facilities to study drug effects on isolated tissues/ organs and their evaluation. This department is headed by Mrs. Gayatri Aggrawal.


The department of Pharmacognosy imparts knowledge in the field of medicinal and natural products. The department has an undergraduate laboratory and a drug museum of several plant materials. This department is headed by Mrs. Vidhi Bhatia.


The department of Quality Assurance is a post graduate department. It has two post graduate laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with facilities required for analysis of raw materials, development of formulations and evaluation of dosage forms. This department is headed by Dr. Rajashree Hirlekar


The details of the laboratories are as follows:


Sr. No

Name of Laboratory




Pilot Plant Ground Floor 75 m2


Pharmaceutics Lab.- I 1st Floor 85.12 m2


Pharmaceutics Lab. – II 1st Floor 103.50 m2


Central Instrument Lab. 1st Floor 92.81 m2


Biotechnology Lab. 1st Floor 111.78 m2


Pharmaceutics Lab. – III 2nd Floor 80.09 m2


Pharmacology Lab. 2nd Floor 75.03 m2


Computer Lab. 2nd Floor 75.76 m2


Organic Chemistry Lab. 3rd Floor 103.50 m2


Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. 3rd Floor 75 m2


Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab. 3rd Floor 75 m2


Pharmacognosy Lab. (Including Museum) 4th Floor 110.47 m2


Pharmacology Lab. 4th Floor 117 m2


Research Lab. (Pharmaceutics) 5th Floor 75.08 m2


Research Lab. (Quality Assurance) 5th Floor 75.37 m2


PG Lab. (Pharmaceutics) 6th Floor 75.94 m2


PG Lab. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) 6th Floor 75 m2


Research Lab. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) 6th Floor 75.37 m2


PG Lab. (Quality Assurance) 7th Floor 75 m2


Animal House Ground & 1st Floor 100 m2


Safety Rules