Civil Engineering program established in 2018-2019 has the distinction of being the one of the core department in the institute. Civil Engineering is recognized as the mother branch of Engineering and has kept pace with the growing technological world. Civil Engineering program is determined to offer and maintain the high standards in extremely competitive and demanding world.
This program, intends to foster technically sound engineers to keep abreast with recent technological trends The department is proud to have a core laboratory which is one of its kinds in an Polytechnic institute, in addition to the conventional laboratories of Surveying, Environmental and Concrete Technology etc.

Students from VESP will certainly contribute in conceiving planning, designing and building infrastructure – roads, irrigation, canals and dams, power houses, buildings, schools, Universities, hospitals, communication towers, bridges, tunnel, airports, harbours, towns and cities.
We at VESP strive to prepare our students for these opportunities.
Civil engineering students are associated with Indian Society Of Structural Engineering professional body which conducts program related to the trends in Civil.. This can be achieved by full cooperation of all our stakeholders – students, technicians, faculty, parents and alumni.