Lab Details 2019-2020

Lab no Description in short Lab Name Pic of lab
101 Electrical Engineering lab help students to implement the different principle of Electrical circuits , analyze, diagnose and rectify them.Here students perform practicals related to the course : Fundamental of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Circuits Electrical Engg lab  
8 Power Electronics Lab provides a platform to students to study high power devices in terms of their characteristics, operation. This imparts the knowledge and skills to handle these devices according to their applications. Here students perform practicals related PowerEngineering courses Power Electronics lab  
110 Computer lab gives a platform to students to acquire basic knowledge related to use of different computer applications. This also helps students to search recent technical knowledge about their field. Here students perform ICT ,EPG and CAD practicals Computer lab  
A 201 + A203- An engineer when works on actual field, he/she has to measure different Electrical and electronic parameters with testing. This lab helps students to acquire these skills to use different meters and equipments.
Part of this lab also allows students to do wiring and use require material appropriately according to their applications.
Electrical and Electronics measurement lab  

Lab Details 2018-2019

Sr. No Lab No. Name of the Laboratory
1 101 Electrical Engg lab
2 008 Power Engg lab
3 110 Computer lab
4 A 201 + 203- Electrical and Electronics measurement lab