Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

SR.NO Lab No. Name of Laboratory Lab Incharge Lab Assistant
1 014 A To be developed
2 014B To be developed
3 001 Workshop Punam Sonawane Krishna Tandell, Mohan gawand
4 512A Applied Mechanics Aniket Suryawanshi  
5 503 To be developed
6 13 To be developed


Laboratory Name: Applied Mechanics
Location of Laboratory: 512-A
Area of Laboratory:
Laboratory In charge: Aniket Suryawanshi
Laboratory Resources:

1) friction apparatus 2) Diferential axle and wheel 3) Universal force table 4) Law of moments apparatus 5) Beam reaction apparatus 6) Simple screw jack 7)worm and worm wheel 8) Single purchase crab winch 9) Double purchase crab winch 10) Weston’s Differential pulley block 11) Weston’s Differential Worm geared pulley block BME: 1) Model of babcock and wilcox boilers 2) MOdel of centrifugal air compressor 3) Model of gas turbine 4) Model of unitary regrigeration system 5) Model of cochran boiler 6) Model of centrifugal pump 7) MOdel of single cylinder four stroke diesel engine 8) Model of Hyrdaulic jet pump 9) Model of Submersible pump 10) Model of two stage reciprocating compressor 11) Model of screw air compressor

Laboratory Name: Workshop (Under Process)
Location of Laboratory: 001
Area of Laboratory:
Laboratory In charge: Punam Sonawane
Laboratory Resources:

1) Medium duty centre lathe *6nos

2) Pillar type drill m/c

3) Bench Grinder