Swami Vivekanand Pre-Primary School

We want that education by which character is formed. strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on ones own feet To bring out the divinity already present in man, is education. -Swami Vivekananda SVES (Swami Vivekananda Education Society) has been translating this vision of this Great Visionary of India, who laid the foundation for value based education in our schools. At SVES, we believe that this starts right at the beginning of the child’s schooling stint, and to this end the Pre-Primary section
has been instrumental in many ways. With the integrated efforts of parents, teachers and the support staff under the able leadership of Madam Vaswani and Mrs. Sumita Ganguly, the Pre-Primary section had organized many notable activities, competitions and celebrations. All these and much more would not have been possible without the wholesome participation and reditable.

efforts of these tiny tots who performed creditably. as below:

During the year. the children accomplished the following notable achievements: –

  • Sr.KG students won 4 prizes in the BAS lnter~School Drawing Competition where few of them participated.
  • A few children participated at the Bhagwad Gita Chanting Competition and qualified for the first and second rounds. At a competition held on 3″ July 2010, Rachita of Jr. K.G won the second prize for the Mumbai level.
  • The Fine Arts Society organized a Colouring Competition where our children participated and won various prizes.
  • At the MAARS competition our children participated and qualified for the first and second levels. Tirtha Shetty of Sr.K.G came 9″ rank at the State level.


A vast variety of festivals are celebrated by our students in school. Along with these fun-filled celebrations, the students are also explained the importance of each festival through vibrant stories and activities. Thus, the students come together, creating a sense of unity and indirectly learning more about their country’s culture. This year being no different, had all our children participating in a number of significant events through the year.

The 15th of August India’s Independence Day – was celebrated with great splendour. The children sang songs in praise of their Mother land and also viewed the grand flag hoisting ceremony for them. All the children enjoyed the Dance Party at the school Auditorium. To mark it in the best way, Children were given Diwali Gift and Diwali Sweets. They were very happy and wished
each other Happy Diwali. 14′” November- Children’s Day Celebration
On the occasion of children’s day, S.V.P.P.S arranged a magic show for the children at the school auditorium. The show was a big hit with the children as they laughed and enjoyed on all the tricks shown by the magician.


1St  December, 5th December Food Week Celebration

lst Dec Salads/Sprouts/Fruits    2nd Dec-Wheat Prep.
3rd Dec-Sweets/Savouries 4th Dec Rice Prep.
5th Dec- Childs choice.

This activity emphasizes on the good food habits and importance of healthy food. Children enjoyed the activity immensely. To make this activity more interesting, on the last day of the
week teacher’s had a demonstration on how to make simple Monaco biscuit topping with cheese. Children loved eating them and gave full marks to teachers.
20′” December- Teachers Picnic
For the first time Teachers, Ex-Teachers and Maushi’s went for a picnic to Saguna Baug Resort in Karjat all by themselves. It was fun filled day for all of us.
23″ and 24″ December- School Picnic
S.V.P.P.S had arranged Annual School Picnic at Patwardhan Park, Bandra. All the children enjoyed the bus ride by singing Rhymes, Songs etc. They were very excited to play in the open garden’s wings’ slides, gym, and many more. it was an enjoyable and fun tilled day for all.
23″ January- Basant Panchami
Every year S.V.P.P.S conducts an auspicious pooja of Maa Saraswati on Basant Panchami This year too Pre Primary celebrated Basant Panchami with paump and show with dedication and devotion. The corridor was decorated with flowers and Saraswati idol was placed. All the children came dressed in yellow colour and they offered flowers to Saraswati Maa. Children enchanted shlokas in front of the idol giving importance to Hindu culture and tradition. All the
teachers of the school were also invited for the Darshan. Thereafter Prasad was distributed as blessing from the Goddess of Learning.
List of activities conducted at Swami Vivekanand Pre-Primary school current year.
August- Rakhsha Bandhan Celebration.
Raksha Bandhan was celebrated at S.V.P.P.S with full enthusiasm and zest. Teachers tied traditional Rakhi as protection band to all the children and explained the importance of it.
August Janmashtami Celebration
On the occasion of Janmashtami, the children of S.V.P.P.S were dressed in a traditional costume.
The classrooms and the corridor were decorated to give bright and colourful look to the festival. Children along with teachers sang aarti and bhalans, while doing darshan of baby Krishna. Few children dressed as Krishna_senacted the scene of breaking Dahl Handi. This  celebration helped the children to understand the significance of the festival and unity among friends.
15 August-Independence Day
Selected children from Sr.K.G.class (morning & afternoon) sang excellent patriotic song, taught by Music teacher Mrs. Sumita Ganguly,at the flag hoisting ceremony In the primary building. The song sung by little children was well appreciated by all and the children were given refreshments thereafter.
25 September- 1October- Colour week celebration on account of Navratri festival.
25th Sept- Yellow Day 26th Sept- Green Day 29th Sept- White Day
30th  Sept- Red Day 1st 0ct- Blue Day. The main ideology of this colour week celebration was to identify and associate the colour’s with day to day living. Children enjoyed and participated with full guest. We had incorporated
the Show and Tell concept related to each colour, wherein children had to bring objects related to the colouring speak the importance and use of it.
October Diwali Party
Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated with fun and festivity at S.V.P.P.S. Students came to school wearing party clothes. Children were taught the significance of the festival and how to celebrate it safely with the help of stories, charts and Educomp. Teacher’s made greeting cards.
 March Annual Exhibition
SV.P.P.S celebrated it’s annual day for this academic year in the form of Exhibition on various topics like Community Helpers. Seasons. Colours. Fruits and vegetables. Transport. Types of Houses. Sea Creatures and Domestic Animals. Madam Vaswani inaugurated the Exhibition at 9.00 AM and since then there was sea of visitors till 4:00 PM. We had record breaking count of
2000 plus visitors for the day. All the Teachers along with the volunteer parents. exhibited their topic: through various models made up of different eco- friendly materials. Children were also well trained to talk about the models. Overall, it was praiseworthy work by the Team.
Various Competitions- Throughout the Year
S.V.P.P.S conducted various completions like Colouring contest, Drawing. Handwriting. Music, Recitation, Story to promote the talent of little children. We also conducted sports meet to encourage the children in physical activities like running, Jumping. Hopping etc.
Academics Subjects for Jr.Kg & Sr. Kg

  • Subjects
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Number Works
  • General Knowledge
  • P.T.
  • Poetry
  • Story
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Music
  • We Teach Shlokas too.


  • Strength of Pre-Primary Section
  • Morning Section: – 240 Students (Girls + Boys) 8 class teachers, 2 floating teachers, 1 music teacher / Supervisor for teachers.
  • Afternoon Section – 240 Students (Girls + Boys)


  • Pre-Primary School Timings: –

Morning Shift- 08.00am to 11.30am
Afternoon Shift – 01.00pm to 04.30pm