Activities of the academic year 2015-16

Extracurricular, Co-Curricular: Second dimension for the growth of creativity:


The inter-house dance competition continues to be one of the biggest attractions of the year. Our students practice long and hard for this event.
Then we have had the usual rounds of debates, quizzes, elocutions – in three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi, and so on.
The true test of a school’s co-curricular programme, is its participation and meritorious performance when it comes to inter-school activities. Swami Vivekananda has participated in nearly a dozen such programs. At ‘L’ Ward Dance competition ,Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya stood first and went for zonal level and grabbed second position. In various inter school music and group singing competitions, our students won laurels for them and school. Winning Drawing competitions is our forte.
Apart from that, we had internal dance competition, talent shows, Natya pratiyogita to evaluate students and make them excellent in co-curricular activities. We conducted NCSC Exhibition training and also participated in different ward level Science exhibitions with successfully marking our presence.


Social and spiritual activities :Dimension of the growth of moral values:


To spread the importance of Teachers we celebrated Guru Purnima and Teacher’s Day on respective days. Different festivals like Krishna Janmotsav, Diwali Christmas, we celebrated with different competitions like Pot decoration, Craft from Crap, Drawing competition, Essay writing etc. But over and above these theoretical inputs, what is more important is the ethical and moral atmosphere that we try to inculcate in all our students, for as we know well, values are caught rather than taught.
To educate about bad practices , we conducted events like “Good touch bad touch”. To praise the success of Handicapped Children’s, we celebrated ‘Handicapped Week’, which indeed motivational.

To get the students to think of others rather than only about themselves is to make them “Human being for others”. That’s the idea behind different social events and Integration.

With event on “Road Safety ” By ICICI Lombard students learnt about proper way of travelling by road and use of Halmet. To make more disciplined, Traffic police gave seminars on Traffic signal rules and regulations also explained Effects of violation of the rules
Probably, one of the most important activities of the Integration was a camp. Students Went for Guide, NCC camps. There they developed a spirit of service, friendliness, discipline and teamwork. They also had the opportunity of coming close to nature under Harit Sena Club.

Sports: fourth dimension of the human personality is the physical.

The year 2015-2016 has been an eventful year for our students on the sports field. Regular coaching sessions in Kabaddi, cricket and Kho-Kho were conducted before and after school hours. These sessions along with the inter-class and inter-house matches, helped our young sportsmen hone their talent and sharpen their skills.
Special coaching sessions in roller skating were conducted during the vacations. While there was an overwhelming response to these programs, there remains much to be done in Athletics.
Brief report of our success at various competitions is enclosed.
We thank all our coaches of the various games for their immense contribution to the advancement of our teams. But, above all, we cannot fail to thank and congratulate Mr. Bhatia, who has supervised and coordinated the entire department of sports and games so very efficiently and admirably.
At the end of one year, not only “Yes, we can….achieve”, but “Yes, we have ….. achieved.”


Police Programme:


The child sexual abusement awareness programmed was organized by Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya and it was conducted by the police officers of Kurla police station.

The officers Mr. Patil Jadhav API, Mr Gaikwad PSI, Mr. Anil Patil, Mr. Kadake and Mr. Deshpande were present for the programme Mr. Anil Patil gave speech on child sexual abusement and thereafter a video clip was shown to the students.

Mr. Anil Patil concluded the programmed how to protect themselves from sexual abusement. Then Mrs, Anita Shinde gave the thanks giving speech and concluded the program.


Yoga Day:


Yoga is a system of holistic living, having the roots in Indian tradition and culture. Evolved thousands of years back by the Rishis, Yoga techniques are being widely used for meeting the changing health care needs of mankind.
As we know June 21st is declared as international yoga day as Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in India.
Yoga day was also celebrated in our school on 21st June day. Preparation started on 15th June with announcements made in classes appealing students to be present for the yoga day celebrations.
On 21st June all the students and teachers assembled in the auditorium to celebrate yoga day.  Students and teachers performed Yogasanas in uniformity. Heavy rains and travelling inconvenience also did not deter the student’s excitement of celebrating yoga day with the teachers. Mrs. Ratnashree and Mrs. David performed yoga Asanas like Vrukshasan, pada-hastasan etc.
The students enjoyed performing Asanas and they also understood the importance of yoga for a healthy life. We are all proud that yoga an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition is now recognized and accepted worldwide and all of us look forward to celebrate yoga day every year on 21st June.


Aim behind conducting Yoga Day:


a. To bring awareness about Yoga among the common masses.
b. To promote the health benefits of Yoga
c. To celebrate ‘International Day of Yoga’
Type of Asana performed on the day:

  • Standing Posture:
  • Vrukshasana
  • Pad-Hastasana
  • Ardha Chakrasana
  • Trikonasan
  • Sitting Postures:
  • Bhadrasan
  • Shashankasan
  • Dhyan Mudra/Shabhavi Mudra