Guiding report 2015-16

Like every year, this year 160 guides from our school were registered. With the academics, all the guides carried out following activities with enthusiasm and leant different experiences.

  • JOTA station ( Jambures on the air) This was the first time in our school we conducted JOTA where guides were able to contact guides worldwide.
  • “Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan”:- All guides in Rambaug, Pune cleaned the area and showed their responsibility towards the Swatchh Bharat Initiative.
  • Parade: – In the annual function of our school, all the guides performed a parade.
  • Anand Fair: – Guides contributed their own money and successfully carried out Anand fair in the school.

Safety Measures about Fire  

 Program started by playing with the students by Dr. Navin Vajarani. He is a doctor at National Burn Center.
Information provided by him was as follows:

  • Different layers of skin in human body.
  • The degrees of burn depends on the layers of skin burned.
  • There are different types of burns:
    • Flame,
    • Scaled,
    • Electric,
    • Chemical,
    • Radiation.
  • Primary precautions after the burn.
  • Measures taken while using mobile phones and cooking.
  • Thus, this program was informative for our students.



 Promotion Activity of Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network co-ordination Mrs. Sheetal Wadekar visited our school.
Program was organized for recreation of our students.
Students from English and Hindi medium had participated in this program. Prize winning games and questionnaires were organized by the visitors. Program ended by distributing Chocolate Milk, chocolates and other products among the students.

Best out of Waste Competition for Handicraft

       The competition was conducted by Mr.Anil Patil, Mrs Urmila and Mr Dhurba Mondal . Students were given standard wise topics. For std 5 greeting cards , For std 6 Rakhi  making and For std 7 pot decoration. From each class three students were participated .They have given two hours to complete the things .After thatMrs Ratanshree was the judge for the programme She has selected the winners standardwise . And the winners are as follows.

Greeting  Cards 5th standard

  • Rahul Rajendra Singh- 5thA -l
  • Nitesh Rajesh Jaiswal- 5thC -ll
  • Priya Vedporakash Munpusiya- 5thD -lll

Rakhi Making 6th standard

  • Abaysing Gangasing Tomar- 6thA  -l
  • Isha Manoj Jajoriya- 6thB -ll
  • Vikram Vishu Suvasiya- 6thE -lll

Pot Decoration 7th standard

  • Nisha Anilkumar Vishwakarma- 7thC -l
  • Vishal Rajuram Parwan- 7thB -ll
  • Shalu Vinod Mishra- 7thD -lll

Best Out Of Waste

  • Sujal Nemichand Chavla- 5thA -l
  • Reshma Bhanvarlal  Sunkariya- 7thB -ll
  • Gauri Rajesh Gupta- 7thD -lll

Shri Krishnajanmashtmi
Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebrated from 4th Sept to 9th Sept  at Assembly hall. The program starts after lighting the diya in front of the Mata Saraswati’s photo by Principal HM Mrs. Shashikala Attarde The folk dance competition organized for the students where they presented a beautiful dance form on Lord Krishna and the folk dance .

Hindi Divas

          This program was conducted by Mr. Ratanshree. Program was started by prayers. Hindi poems were given to the participating students of standard 5th and 6th. Mrs. Sunita and Mrs.Rajani were the appointed judges for the competition. The winners announced by them are as follows:
Class 5th

  • Yadav Kunal Rangbahadur- l
  • Gaud Satyam Chandrashekhar- ll
  • Bansal Mili Omprakash- lll

Class 6th

  • Singh Aditya Chandraprakash- l
  • Dholiya Rahul Vgmaram- ll
  • Morya Praveen Omprakash- lll
  • Shah Aqsa Praveer Md. Matloob- consolation prize


Speech Competition on Hindi Divas

    This program was conducted by Mrs.Urmila. Standard 7th students participated in the competition.
Topics for the speech were: a) Importance of time.
b) Importance of education.
The judges selected for the program were Mrs. Rajani and Mr. Yadav. From Eight participants Three were the winners. And the winners are as follows:

  • Chitra Nandini Hemraj- 7thA- l
  • Chaurasiya Neha Sunil- 7thB- ll
  • Sisodiya Nandini Mahesh- 7thC- ll

Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya & Kanishtha Mahavidyalaya together celebrated Vruksharopan.
Under the NCC and Guiding plantation was done.

Music Competition

On the occasion of Makar Sankaranti, we arranged music competition for our children 5 to 7 . From each class two students have participated. Mrs Manju hosted  the programme .Mrs Sunita gave a speech about Makar  Sankaranti .There were two judges , Mrs  Ratanashree & Mr Druba Mondal Sir . They took winners from 5 to 7. The winners are as follows:
Std 5

  • Jatoliya Priya Vishnukumar 5/B
  • Kasotiya Vishal Satyanaryan5/A
  • Gaud Satyam Chandrashekhar 5/B

Std 6

  • Shanu Pradeep Singh 6/B
  • Shaikh Saba Shaked  6/A
  • Nirwan Yash Krishna 6/A

Std 7

  • Prajapati Prinjal Shambh 7/A
  • Sisodiya Nandini Mahesh 7/B
  • Bhati Honi  Narayan 7/C


As per optional subject syllabus, this year also social work subject taught to students. Total teachers are teaching this subject. Total 9 teachers are teaching the subject.
Total no. of students as per divisions is as follows
Vlll – 193
lX – 167
X – 74
In this students get to know the close view of social worker. Parade were conducted time to time under “ Swatchata Abhiyaan” students helped to clean the school premises & decorate it with their art. Plantation of tree also took place.
Environmental problems were discussed among the school. Using a video system, Stories were shown to inspire students for social work.
RSP. This year total 330 students enrolled for RSP.
Road safety, road signal and other activities were learned by teachers under the guidance of traffic police.
From 10th Jan, 2016 to 24th Jan, 2016 RSP forthright was celebrated. In this duration different competitions like drawing, education, essay writing, poster making etc. were held in the school. Film was shown about ‘How to prevent accidents’.
Cleanliness & hygiene, fire extinguisher techniques were taught to students. Total 8 teachers were assigned in these activities.

Rashtriya Harit Sena
In this activity total 54 students got enrolled out of which 25 students are from Vll and Vlll standard. Also 29 students were from lX.
On 25th August, 2015 under the guidance of teacher Mr. Ajay Sharma and Mrs. Shashikala Attarde, Students planted some new bushes on account of  tree plantation. It was done around the campus  to retain nature and beautify the landscape.

Under ‘Swatchata Abhiyaan’ Rashtriya Harit Sena  also gave contribution in keeping school campus clean.

In ward level science exhibition was held in Anjuman Islam School and Jr. college, Kurla(W). Harit Sena students and teachers had participated in this program. They presented the ‘Harit Bharat Swatchata Abhiyaan’ project and were awarded with a certificate.
Library story-telling competition
Every year for the students we arrange story telling competition for V to VII. From each class two students take part in the competition. Mrs. Prabhu has conducted the programme. And the judges were Mrs. Kishori & Mrs. Shukla. They took two winner from each standard. And the winners are as follow:-

  • Gujar Anil Munnilal-  V D
  • Jajoliya Priya Vishnukumar- V B
  • Solanki Muskan Ramswarup- V C


  • Chaurasiya Dinesh Prem- VI A
  • Prem Mishra Vikas- VI E
  • Dholiya Rahul Ugamram- VI A


  • Prajapati Prinjal Shambu- VII A
  • Sunkariya Reshma Bhavarlal- VII B
  • Tiwari Aarti Mahendra- VII A

 Marathi Poem Competition
In this programme std. from V to VII have taken part. Mrs. Vanita Gupta have conducted the programme. Mr. Patil and Mrs. Sunita were judges for the programme. From each std. they took two winners. And the winners are as follows:-

  • Nisha Shivkumar Rang- V B
  • Komal Tarachand Kurdiya- V C


  • Pravin Omprakash Mourya- VI C
  • Isha Manoj Jajoriya- VI B


  • Pratam Rajesh Gupta- VII B
  • Prinjal Shambhu Gupta- VII A

Savitribai Phule Abhiyan    

             On the occasion of Savitribai Phule Jayanthi our educational department as arranged Savitribai Phule Abhiyan for all schools. They have sent some scheduled program for all schools. They arranged programme for fifteen days. The program as follows:-





Girls students were taken pledge to compete their studies up to graduation level with discontinuing their studies.


Slogans were told by boys and girls about girl child


Speeches were given by Mrs. Sunita about Swami Vivekananda and Mrs. Anita told about Jijabai. Swami Vivekananda photo were decorated and candles were lit.


Teachers were taken activity on teachers.


Drawing competition was arranged. Topic is Boys and Girls were equal.


Speech competition was arranged about Girl Education & Social awareness about girl child.


Kabbadi games were arranged for girls.


Mother parent were called to meet teachers.


Story telling competition.


Prizes were distributed.

And the prize winners were as follows.
Speech Competition

  • Kunal Rangabahaur Yadav- V B
  • Satyam chandrashekhar Gaud- V B


  • Dinesh Prem Chaurasiya
  • Muskan Dinesh Mandal


  • Reshma  Bhavarlal Sunkariya
  • Neha Sunil Chaurasiya

Slogan Competition

  • Khemchand Budhharam Molpuriya-VI B
  • Vishal Lautan Paswan- VII B
  • Reshma  Bhavarlal Sunkariya- VII B

Drawing  Competition

  • Sohan Dallnath Jogi- VII C
  • Aditya Kishnalal Jajoriya- VII A
  • Nilesh Rajesh Jaiswar- V C

Story telling competition

  • Anil Munnilal Gujar-V D
  • Priya Vishnukumar Jatoliya-V B
  • Muskan Ramswarup Solanki-V C


  • Dinesh Prem Chaurasiya-VI A
  • Misha Vikas Prem- VI E
  • Rahul Ugamram Dholiya-VI A


  • Prinjal Shambhu Prajapati- VII A
  • Reshma Bhavarlal Sunkariya- VII B
  • Aarti Mahendra Tiwari- VII B