Players/ Extra curricular

Being the leading sports school, we can encourage more students by allowing the schedule practice as well as guidance. The timetable plan should be prepared to get the high output in extracurricular activities.
The planning will have goal to achieve as follows:-

  • Promoting research based study
  • Promoting skills
  • Creating all rounder’s.
  • Implementing discipline
  • Creating unity.

Response time:-
Response time is nothing but time taken to complete work. It was observed so many barriers to respond in time.

Removal of those barriers can be achieved by following measures.

  • Removal of notes preparation.
  • Work distribution

Team orientation.

  • Friendly environment creation.
  • Yoga or introspection session
  • Training for enhancement

Method orientation:-
Training and performance evaluation will be based on the method teaches using. Then we can create exact method development content.

Teachers Performance Teacher’s performance need to redesign

  • Target based performance
  • Time management
  • Response time
  • Team orientation

Target will be given to achieve on first day itself It should be detailed with responsibility solutions unknown/known problem. Should create plan For performance we can encourage teaches on the basis of skills Teachers of the, month or recreation, team orientation program.