Savitri Bai Phule Birth Anniversary

We celebrated ‘ Savitri Bai PhuleJayanti’ from Jan 2016 to 25th Jan 2016. It was inspirational celebration to encourage girl and improve the quality of education.

Day Wise Report
11-Jan 2016: Pledge Day
Students took pledge of not quitting education.
12- Jan 2016
KrutiAdhyapanDiwas was celebrated on 12th Jan 2016.
13th Jan 16
We celebrated birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand and Jijamata

  • Performance Enhancement

Performance is based on team working for goal.

  • Performance of students.
  • Performance of teachers.
  • Performance of non-teaching.



  • Academic excellence- To achieve academic excellence, we need to create own notes for every students we can give uniform notes like standard books.
  • Computer Aided- Use of technology should be more with the use of computer, we can create computerized class method. Use of Educom, graphics, virtual should be more to develop understanding.
  • Teaching Aids- Instead of purchasing new teaching aids or using traditional aids, we can actually create economic teaching aids for which are easy and interesting.
  • Group based on cognitive development and teaching experience.