Strategic plan

Visions for children of SVEHS

  • ALL CHILDREN will start school each day to learn in an environment that is conductive to learning.
  • THEY WILL graduate from school having achieved their personal best; prepared to take responsibility for lifelong learning.
  • THEY WILL be critical thinking, self- reliant, responsible and caring citizens, proud their country and its cultural heritage.
  • THEY WILL have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need for employability, self-employment and leadership.

Achieving this goal is a collectible responsibility. Thus, as a practical philosophy, there is an expectation that everyone in the education system, including children, will be actively engaged in pursuing and achieving the above personal.
Some measures for achieving these goals.

  • Provide strategy and operational support for high quality teaching and learning.
  • Play a central role in supporting initiatives associated with Education Dept.
  • Update the implement the technology Enhanced learning strategy;
  • Extend the range and improves the quality of online resources and increase mobile learning opportunities.
  • Lead on assessments related innovation including online coursework management.
  • Work closely with the guild on the extension of the ‘student skill project’.
  • Refine working arrangements with school through the ‘hub and spoke’ model and enhancing skills initiatives; focus work in School on ‘programme review and refresh’ to include education for sustainability and research led education (e.g. Grand Challenges, meet your teacher). Ensure successful competition of funded projects by targets dates in conjunction with school.