Team Management

  • Instead of giving them load based target we will create relax and work environment.
  • Giving them everything in systematic way will be key point.
  • Group based study will help to perform more. Teachers will be given classes as per performance.

Objective statement

  • To strengthen the quality to ensure that school will use results for improvement in teaching and learning (eventually the quality of SSC results will also be improved)
  • Making research based environment for student’s freedom of learning and teaching.
  • Bid for additional external and internal funds for innovative Educational projects
  • Develop evaluation and communication strategies which align with ‘customer first’ targets.
  • Develop staff support and activities with align with ‘Investors in people’ targets


  • Learning and teaching support materials Improved quality of teaching and learning through the provision of infrastructure and learning materials.
  • Infrastructure
  • Teacher’s placement, deployment and development
  • Information communication technology
  • Maths science and technology: Participation in these gateway subjects
  • Improving for learning to ensure quality and efficiency in academic achievement. The focus for these five years is on using different techniques to drive classroom performance and learner attainment at all levels, not just in grades 56 and 9. This standardisation testing should assist classroom accountability at school level. Testing needs at school level to be improved in terms of quality of questions- to make sure the system is rigorous and scientific in order to ensure system performance can be effectively tracked.
  • Partnership and social mobilization .
  • Planning, information and assessment.
  • Programme purpose- To promote quality and effective service delivery in the basic education.
  • Sub Programme: Programme management: planning, info and assessment. Information management systems; financial and physical planning; assessments and public examinations and planning delivery overnight unit.
  • The Programme: planning, information and assessment is responsible for promoting quality and effective service delivery in the basic education system through planning, implementation and assessment. The indicators in this programme are fundamentally directed towards quality improvements, assessments and physical and financial planning as captured in the Action Plan to programme to follow sector goals
  • Strategic objective Administer, monitor and report on all standard national assessments.