Swami Vivekanad Junior College, M.C.V.C in the past has been organizing and participating in the project exhibitions, at the college level and the district level. In August 2006, a project exhibition committee was formulated and a college exhibition was planned to be held on 21st & 22nd December 2006.


The 13 courses were divided into Technical, Commerce and Other groups. Eminent judges were selected on the basis of their seniority and expertise in their fields.


The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Khairnar, D.V.E.O. Board of Vocational Education and Training and Mrs. Vaswani- Executive secretary of V.E.S.


Two best projects each were selected from the three categories, and the winners were declared.


1 Technical Group I M.R.E.D.A. Tunnel
    II Computer Techniques Library Management
2 Commerce Group I Accounting & Auditing Golden Rules Of Accounting
    II Banking Safe Deposit Vault
3 Other Group I Cookery Model of Kitchen in a Hotel.
    II Mobile Creche Creche & Preschool Management.