1) Magazine Committee

Incharge Teacher –  Neelam Sondh
  • Notice, Pre-planning, Materials, Topics etc for magazines to be decided before hand.
  • To see to it whether appropriate themes/ subject according to the class level for magazines is been given to the respective classes.
  • To help the students understand how magazines work and give them the opportunity to learn about their school and community through article research.
  • To bring in some magazines. Let the students have a look through them. A class survey on the magazines can be done or simply discussion in class to be made with students to know about the type of magazines they like.
  • To organize the meetings with the class teachers, Headmistress, Asst incharge every month regarding the discussion i.e changes, Addition of new thoughts, Activities to be mentioned in the magazines.
  • To maintain the class magazines of different classes.
  • Appropriate Record to be maintained every month of all the classes to keep a check on proper magazine work is taking place or not.
  • Date of submission, signature and stamp of the head should be taken into consideration and to be done without fail on compulsory basis.
  • Exhibitions of the class magazines prepared by the respective classes to be arranged  in school hall to come across their handworks, creativity, innovations done in it.
  • At the last, Respective class teachers along with their group of students to be given a chance to describe their experience, efforts, suggestions, addition of difficulties they came across, thought of implementing innovative ideas, creativity etc. while making the class Magazines.

2) Celebration Committee

Incharge Teacher –  Krutika Soni & Shweta Tawde
  • Planning and making out a list of a different celebrations taking place yearly which is to be celebrated on compulsory basis in schools.
  • Meetings, discussion regarding the celebration is to be done with all the class teachers and head of the school.
  • Celebrations to be taken into consideration such as Send off party, Annual day, Birthdays, festivals etc.
  • Printing of notice is to be done properly before hand for childrens under the guidance of headmistress regarding the festivals to be celebrated in school.
  • Maintaining the expense file for the expenditure made for the celebrations.
  • Assistant teachers to be assigned the duties to look after the basic things of the preparation to be done.
  • Maintaining the separate book of contact no’s, email id, address of the shopkeeper person who is providing the snacks, food items, gifts on the celebration day.
  • Maintaining the file of photos taken during the each celebration done in the school.
  • Duties to be divided appropriately between the peons, maids for decorating the school halls, classrooms, floor passage during the festivals, celebration party etc.

3) Transport Committee

Incharge Teacher – Balbir Kaur, Deepa Yadav, Hilda Nadar, Ujwala(Baiji)
  • To make a proper list of a number of  students standard wise bus transport facility of school.
  • Complete information along with the original photo copies of students who are using bus transport and also their parent’s signature with their photos in it to be maintained properly in a file by the incharge teacher.
  • Full details of bus driver including his relative contact details to be maintained properly on a strict and compulsory basis.
  • Parents meeting of bus students to be conducted every month. [Topics such as bus timings, fees, safety] to be discussed.
  • A form to be filled genuinely by the parents in which they have followed and agreed the terms and conditions of the school transport facilities.
  • Original complete details copies of students and driver also to be maintained by the head of the school.
  • To keep a check  on whether the seats, handles, windows of bus are in  the proper condition.
  • Arrangement of first aid box should be made in the transport for the emergency purpose.
  • Seating arrangement of childrens in the bus to be made by the incharge teacher only.
  • Parents should directly meet to the incharge teacher for their queries / suggestions etc.
  • Any sudden changes in the school timings, holidays, exams timings etc will be immediately informed to the parents by the incharge teacher.
  •  If the driver faces any problem, regarding the school transport or any issues to be solved then it should be discussed with the incharge teacher.
  • Transport fees record of bus students  is to be maintained accurately.
  • Incharge person should keep a check on whether the fees receipt card is given to the students every month without fail. [As it is a proof that the child is paying the fees of bus transport every month].
  • Expenditure to be done on the school bus to be discussed with the head of the school by the incharge teacher.
  • Cleaner is to be instructed properly by the incharge teacher about the safety of the each child.

4) Waranda + Discipline committee

Incharge Teacher –  Hilda Nadar, Neelam Sondh, Hema Pandey
  • Incharge teacher should  assign duty to the special teachers who are having free periods in between to look after the conditions of the walls, corridors areas, school hall etc. whether they are in proper condition or not. Also if they find any ignorance done by the class teachers related to the cleanliness, maintaining of discipline in school waranda then it should be discussed immediately with the incharge teacher.
  • Supervision to be done on floors, on regular and compulsory basis every day by the incharge teacher.
  • Volunteers to be selected among the students only so that on the floors, school corridors, assembly hall etc the discipline can be maintained to a proper extent.
  •  Charts on cleanliness, Maintaining silence, good thoughts on discipline etc to be displayed on school walls.
  • A child who is mischievous all the time for eg. in school assembly, in recess, while coming and going home etc should be strictly taken along with their class teacher to the incharge teacher and proper action  to be taken against it.
  • Nice paintings to be made on the school wall reflecting the values of patriotism, punctuality, cleanliness etc. Which will make the school waranda attractive and full of good thoughts and values which is needed in life.
  • Cleanliness is to be maintained in the school hall, corridors etc. children keeps on moving down the stairs in recess, physical education period, assembly etc. Incharge teacher should look after the each floor whether they are properly cleaned or not, the maid is to be given the regular duty of cleaning the floors properly.
  • Decorative plants to be kept in the entrance which gives a pleasant and beautiful look to the school waranda.
  • Every month meeting is to be conducted with all the class teachers to discuss the new ways of maintaining the discipline, cleanliness in children, activities which includes some good manners and etiquettes in it.
  • If the incharge teacher is facing any kind of problem or wants to make any changes in the waranda system then first it should be discussed with the head of the school.

5) Maintenance Committee

Incharge Teacher –  Dhanashri Sawant & Reshma Shivsharan
  • Prior meeting is to be conducted by incharge teacher with the class teacher for the discussion of maintaining the school.
  • If the teachers are facing any problem of electricity, furniture etc in their class room than it should be discussed / informed to the incharge teacher.
  • One book will be maintained in which the problems of water, facilities, electricity, furniture etc faced by the students, teachers in their class room should be recorded in it and there after proper decision will be taken for their repairing.
  • Maintenances of girls and boys toilets, their cleanliness etc should be taken into consideration by the incharge teacher.
  • Proper seating arrangement in class, appropriate benches for children etc should also be looked after it.
  • To see whether all the floors are cleaned every day, bulletin boards on the walls are in a proper condition, classroom cupboards , windows of the corridors are well maintained or not etc all such things should be taken into consideration on compulsory basis without any ignorance by the incharge teacher.
  • Maintenance of playground should be done on regular basis cutting of grasses, cleaning the waste from the ground, maintaining the equipments of sports which are there in the school ground etc.
  • School hall, library, school office should be cleaned every day.
  • Computer lab specially to be taken care of due to the electronic devices are been place there.
  • Any problem regarding the working of computers or lack of place should be discussed with the incharge teacher.
  • School building is to be maintained properly. If any vision of crack is seen then immediately it should be discussed. It is the responsibility of incharge teacher to remain always alert about all such things.
  • Teachers should discussed the problem regarding the maintenance with their floor teacher then it is her duty to convey the message in written to the incharge teacher.

 6) Examination + Timetable Committee       

Incharge Teacher –  Shweta Tawde, Hema Pandey, Purva Nawle
  • To conduct a meeting of class teachers regarding the discussion of portion for exam, pattern of question paper etc.
  • System of correcting the exam papers, weightage given to the answers should be known to every teacher properly.
  • An exam time table is to be prepared by incharge teacher under the guidance of the headmistress of the school.
  • Proper final date is to be decided for the submission of exam papers for typing.
  • Every month the syllabus of the students standard wise is to be checked whether it is taught properly in class or not? All topics are covered or not?
  • It is the responsibility of the incharge teacher to go through the exam papers submitted by teachers. Any mistake in the questions, weightage, totaling, proper order of the sub questions etc everything to be checked word to word.
  • Accurate instruction is to be given to the computer teacher for proper typing to the examination question papers.
  • Signature should be taken from every class teacher once the exam paper is submitted for typing.
  • A proper target ie final date is to be given for the completion of correction of exam paper and result work.
  • Date is to be decided for the parents open day and according to it the notice is to be printed and distributed to all the classes.
  • Once the open day is done then all the confidential exam papers and results documents is to be submitted to incharge teacher standard wise.
  • Filing of exam question papers term and standard wise should be done without fail. All the filing of papers is to be done on the particular date given to each class teachers.

Printed copies of notices, time-table related to the examination should be given to the head of the school and clerk.

  • Changes to be made in timetable or examination papers then it is to be discussed with the headmistress of the school.

 7) Wall Paper Committee   

Incharge Teacher – Hema Pandey & Shweta Tawde

  • A black board of school which is displayed should always be decorated during functions, festivals, competitions etc.
  • The notice board should be filled by news, different type of articles, notice related to school and education etc.
  • Any important message is to be conveyed to children as well as their parents than it should be displayed on the notice board.
  • Incharge teacher must see to it that the boards are not empty, at least some into other things like values, good thoughts etc to be displayed or written on it.
  • Maintaining the black board of school and also the notice board is a responsibility of incharge teacher.
  • School hall can be made attractive and meaning full for the primary section by the displaying of interesting charts, stories written on it, some good morals on walls etc through which a play-way kind of education and knowledge can be obtained to the students.
  • In every day school assembly the children should be asked to give a glance over the school hall, notice board etc. This will make their eye-sight sharp and also they will come to know the great information, knowledge which is displayed in their school surrounding area.
  • An incharge teacher should see to it that the work which allotted to her is taking place properly at every time. Negligence towards the assigned duty will not be accepted.
  • Children to be given a chance to place the cuttings of news, articles, puzzles, quiz questions on the notice board which will build self confidence in themselves and positive approach towards the things, which will increase the interest in them for doing the work related to school, education etc.
  • Any problem related to walls, blackboard, notice board etc then it should be informed to incharge teacher.
  • Incharge teacher should make sure that the important news, things related to education or the current affairs related to general knowledge should be displayed in the school hall on compulsory basis without delaying it for many days.