Vivekanand Education Society organised a Mega Women’s Day Event for 800+ women employees at the auditorium of SV High School, Sindhi Society. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Managing a sustainable work-life balance for working women/women leaders’. The day was celebrated with enthusiasm, zeal and fanfare.

The main highlight of the event was the panel discussion conducted with 12 VES all-women Principals. The discussion addressed how work-life balance is a cycle and not an achievement which can be built on prioritising roles & how to manage time best. It emphasised how work-life balance among women – needs to ensure that a part of their lives doesn’t overshadow other, equally important parts. Adding further, each VES principal narrated their own life story & journey with this learning.  The Mega event also recognised and celebrated the accomplishments of women at VES. The event not only celebrated the spirit of womanhood but also paved the way for creating a women-friendly workplace. Dance performances, stand-ups, and games were among the recreational activities at the event.