VES Yoga Academy

The word ‘health’ in Sanskrit means to be established in one’s self. We have seven layers to our existence and we need to learn about these techniques to keep them healthy and in harmony, and that’s where Yoga can play a beneficial role. Yoga has proven to have innumerable benefits when practiced regularly. Increased focus, improved posture, increased confidence and productivity, combatting stress and physical ailments are just just few of the innumerable benefits that Yoga has to offer. These benefits are the need of the hour for students and working professionals alike to achieve harmony and stability; emotionally, physically and intellectually.

With the vision to provide this benefit to all students and staff members across VES institutes, Vivekanand Education Society’s Yoga Academy was established under the guidance and support of Adv. (Dr.) Shri Laxman Kanal, Principal (Dr.) Mrs. Anita Kanwar and Ms. Rita Vazirani, Executive Administrator VES College of Arts, Science & Commerce

GLIMPSES of Yoga Academy