Total number of seats available for Ph.D. and M.Sc. by research in Microbiology: 15 


Total number of students registered for Ph.D. in Microbiology: 05


Total number of students selected in the second round of interview and awaiting for Ph.D. in Microbiology registration: 04


Ph.D. guide: Dr Nagesh N. Malik

Associate Prof. and HOD


Titles of the Ph.D. research projects:


  1. Bacterial Ethanol production from food waste by cloning and expression of certain Enzyme producing genes thereof.


  1. Isolation, Production and Augmentation of Bioactive substances from marine Pseudomonas Spp. with Potential Anti-bacterial and Anti-fouling activity.


  1. Development of bacteriophages consortium against bacterial plant pathogens:

-A novel approach for biocontrol.


  1. Study of Molecular Epidemiology and MDR pattern in pathogens responsible for community acquired and nosocomial UTI


  1. Study of marine Oligotrophic Bacteria for production of lipase, peroxidase and their applications