Minor Research Projects

Dr. Santosh Bhaskaran Upgradation of clinostat for study of altered gravity environments on the alga Chlorella vulgaris (MU) 60,000
Riddhi Bharani A study exploring the development and use of math art as a remedial intervention tool for FYBCom students. (MU) 20,000
Vinaya Jategaonkar Study of the commercial applications of extremozymes obtained from Mumbai salt pan halophilic isolates. (MU) 25,000
Geetanjali Harale Biodegradation of sodium dodecyl sulfate by a bacterial strain, detection of sds gene and use of bacteria in the treatment of car wash effluents. (MU) 30,000
Mr Sanjay Premchandani Study of Mergers and Acquisition of Indian Banks 35,000
Samhitha Sharma and Heena Thakkar Socio-Economic Study of Leather
Footwear Manufacturers in the
Unorganised Sector in Kurla, Mumbai. (MU)
Dr. Shweta Patil Screening and isolation of exopolysaccharide producing microorganisms from different environments, its characterization and applications (MU) 91,000
Mr Suman Ganger
Isolation of L-Asparaginase from bacteria, study of its enzyme kinetics and mitigation of acrylamide from potato chips.  (MU)
Mr. I. Banerjee Assimilation of Bene Israel in Maharashtra. (MU) 15,000
Mrs. Santhini Nair Microbiological Assessment of Quality and Hygiene of Swimming Pools in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai (MU) 27,400
Mrs. Khar Aarohi A Survey to explore aspects of Child Sexual Abuse as reported by college students, (UGC) 50,000
Mrs.V.B. Murthy Innovative HR Practices in IT Industry in India- An empirical study, (UGC) 85,000
Mrs. Varsha Ahuja Synthesis, Characterization and antimicrobial Activities of Schiff’s  base prepared from Coumarin Derivative (MU) 25,000
Mrs. ShwetaPatil Optimisation of growth parameters for fungal pigment producers (MU) 25,000
Mr. Shrikant G. To Study various properties of Cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures (MU) 28,125
Mr. Malay Shah Isolation of keratin degrading microorganisms and their application in feather waste management (UGC) 3,25,000
Mr Malay Shah Bacteriological analysis of softy ice-creams from Mumbai (MU) 13,000
Mrs. Seema Borgave Analytical Applications of Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives of 5-Substituted Isatin for the determination of Environmentally and Industrially Important Metalions (MU) 15,000
Mrs. LekhaNambiar The Silenced Freedom : A Study of the Marginalisation of Regional Women Writers from the Western Coast of India (MU) 30,000
Mrs. SunitaSherifani Significance and Problems of Power Loom Industry in Bhiwandi(MU) 25,000
Mrs. VinayaJategaonkar Screening, Characterization of Actinomycetes from garden and cultivated soils and study of its antimicrobial activity (MU) 15,000
Dr.  Shikha Dutta A Critical Study of Heterogenous Ethnic Voices and Multiculturalism in South Asian Canadian Writing (UGC) 65,000
Dr. Dinesh Navale Synthesis of New and Novel Ferrocene containing components (MU) 25,000
Dr. Nagesh Malik Study of Prodigiosin pigment production from serratiaMarcescens and citric acid production from Aspergillusniger obtained from spoiled coconuts (MU) 20,000
Mrs. Sulekha
Development of a Clinostat – Centrifuge System for space Biology and Astrobiology studies and its application for enhanced growth of Tulsi (MU) 27,000
Dr. Shweta Patil Studies on Microbial pigments: Media Optimization and Characterization (UGC) 2,50,000
Mrs. Samhitha Sharma Kain “Socio-Economic Study of Leather Footwear Manufacturers in the Unorganised Sector in Kurla, Mumbai” (MU) 25,000/-
Dr. Mrs. Sarla Rathi “Global alpha – nucleus optical model potential” (MU) 25,000/-
Mr Shrikant Ghodke To study various properties of Polymer dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)” (MU) 10,000/-