List of  Research Guides

Sr No Name Subject Degree University
2 Dr VasantBarhate

(On Lien)

Chemistry M.Sc (Research) and Ph.D Mumbai University
3. Dr Nagesh Malik Microbiology M.Sc(Research) and Ph.D Mumbai University
4 Dr Anita Kanwar Physics Ph.D Mumbai University
5 Ms Santhini Nair Microbiology M.Sc (Research) Mumbai University
6 Dr Shika Dutta English Ph.D JJT University
7 Dr. Parinita Madan Chemistry Ph.D  Mumbai University
8 Dr. Ritika Makhijani Chemistry Ph.D  Mumbai University
9 Dr Pooja Jagasia Chemistry Ph.D  Mumbai University
10 Dr. Dinesh Navale Chemistry M.Sc (By Research), Ph.D  Mumbai University
10 Dr. Santosh Bhaskaran Physics M.Sc (By Research)  Mumbai University