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‘Raaga’ as the name denotes is BMM departments cultural programme which highlights the students interest for Indian culture and tradition.

Raaga started in 2003 and has been successfully conducted since then. The Mass Media students enlighten the audience through classical songs and traditional Indian dances that portray the culture of our country. Students enrich themselves traditionally to add ethnicity to the entire celebration.

 Raaga gives its students the opportunity to polish their skills in different fields like dancing, singing, theatre & drama, creatives, photography and filming, etc. The students create an aura matching up with the theme. The theme of the academic year 2019-20 was ‘Raaga – Ek Mahakumbh’.

The students depicted the existence of Lord Shiva and the rare depiction of Kumbh mela with different diversities through various performances like drama, singing, and dance. Raaga turned out to be the first cultural encounter which taught the students of the BMM department to work as a team.

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