The in-house annual publication is a student’s effort, which comprises of socially relevant & investigative articles, editorials, pictorial, interviews, theme-based articles etc.


BMM students of V.E.S. take pride in the fact that they were the first to start an annual theme-based magazine for the college, called ‘Goonj’. Goonj has been successfully published every year since 2002. The striking feature is that all aspects of the magazine like writing, editing, designing, layouts, advertising, marketing, printing etc are carried out by the students themselves.


Goonj includes articles on the city happenings that are unique to the magazine. It also includes cartoon strips, fun facts and sports news for light-hearted reading. The students try their best to include material that interests everybody. It is circulated among students and faculties of different departments, and guest who attend various departmental events. 

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