MSC – Chemistry by Research

M.Sc. (Chemistry by Research)


Fees chargeable per annum for M. Sc. Microbiology / Org. Chem. / Analy. Chem./ By Research (Micro./ Chem.)

* (Subject to revision)


M.Sc. by Research in Microbiology M.Sc. by Research in Chemistry Fees Chargeable per annum
* (Subject to revision)


M.Sc. By Research
Part – I Part – II
1 Tuition Fees 3000.00 3000.00
2 Library Fees 1000.00 1000.00
3 Gymkhana Fees 400.00 400.00
4 Other Fees /Extra Curricular Activity Fees 250.00 250.00
5 Disaster Relief Fund 10.00 10.00
6 Admission Processing Fees 200.00 200.00
7 Utility Fees 250.00 250.00
8 Magazine Fees 100.00 100.00
9 ID & Library Card Fees 50.00 50.00
10 Group Insurance Fees 40.00 40.00
11 Students Welfare Fund 50.00 50.00
12 Development Fees 500.00 500.00
13 Vice Chancellor’s Fund 30.00 30.00
14 Univ. Sports & Cultural Activities 30.00 30.00
15 E-Charges 20.00 20.00
16 E-Suvidha 0.00 0.00
17 Computer Practicals 1000.00 1000.00
18 Laboratory Fees 10000.00 10000.00
19 Alumni Association 25.00 25.00
20 Document Verification Fees * * ** **
21 Caution Money Deposit 150.00 0.00
22 Library Deposit 250.00 0.00
23 Laboratory Deposit 400.00 0.00
24 Forms & Prospectus 0.00 100.00
TOTAL 17755.00 17055.00
* Fees are subject to modification as per University Rule.
** Document Verification Fees Rs.400/- applicable to Eligibility Students.
Additional amount not exceeding Rs. 2500/- shall be payable by every student towards Tuition fees, Utility fees &Exam fees.

Fees are subject to modification as per University Rules.
** Document Verification Fees Rs.400/- applicable to Eligibility  Students.


Cancellation of Admission for M.Sc. (Microbiology) /M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic) /M.Sc. Analytical


Students canceling their admission will be entitled to receive the refund of fee paid after deduction of the amount as indicated below: –


Refund of Fees for M.Sc. (Chemistry): –
Date of Admission will be counted as first day.

Time of Cancellation Amount to be deducted
Upto 10th day from the Date of Admission Rs. 500/-
11th day of admission to 60th day 20 % of the Total fees
61st day of admission to 90th day 30 % of the Total fees
91st day of admission to extension 120 days 50 % of the Total fees
120 days of admission No Refund(Only deposits will be Refunded)


Except Admission to Professional Courses, only Second Term Tuition fees and 50% of Lab. fees and deposits will be refunded subject to production of fees receipt of Admission to Professional Course at the time of Cancellation.

Refund of fees are subject to modification as per the University rules.


Refund of Deposits (Self-financing Courses): –

Application for the refund of deposits must be made between 1st Sep. to 30th Sep or 1st Feb. to 28 Feb. of the year when applicant ceases to be a student of the college, failing which the deposit will be forfeited.


On Going Research by our M.Sc. (Chemistry by Research) students::


Name of Students

Title of Research Project

Year of Joining


Name of the research guide


Priya Deosthalee To develop a rapid chromato graphic method for determination  of assay and related substances of selective phasphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) inhibitor,roylumilast August-2008 M.Sc.(By reaserach) Dr. Vasant D. Barhate


Gauri P. Tamhane To Develop the Extractive Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) with Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives of Isatin. 2010 M.Sc.(By reaserach) Dr. Vasant D. Barhate