TY BSc – Maths


Staff Profile:

  • Mr. Vikas Ware: M.Sc. (Head Of Department)
    E-mail:vikas.ware@ves.ac.in, vikasware@gmail.com
    Area of Interest: Mathematics and Computer Programming.
  • Ms. Riddhi Bharani: M.Sc.
    E-mail: riddhi.bharani@gmail.com
    Area of Interest: Computer programming and Combinatorics.
    As member of the examination committee he has developed a software to be used for the purpose of result analysis.
  • Ms. Sadhana H. Mishra: M.Sc.
    E-mail: missadhana.16oct@gmail.com
    Area of Interest: Algebra and Real Analysis.
  • Mr. Kunal Shelar:
    E-mail: kunal.shelar@ves.ac.in
    Area of Interest: PDE, Statistics, Comp. Prog.
  • Mr. Prashant Swami:
    E-mail: prashantswamiggg@gmail.com
    Area of Interest: Linear Algebra & Differential Equations.



Salient Features:

  • Holding contest in Mathematics
  • Inter-collegiate Conference in Mathematics – MATHEMIGHT
  • Math Lab
  • Intensive coaching, whenever needed
  • Bridge Programs


Course details:

The Mathematics Department offers an undergraduate course in Mathematics. The duration of the course is six semesters spread over three years. At the T.Y.B.Sc. level, the course offers 6 units of Mathematics with Computer Programming and System Analysis as the applied component.


Six Semesters cover the following courses:

Course Semester – I Semester – II
Maths – I Calculus – I Calculus – II
Maths – II Algebra – I Linear Algebra
Course Semester – III Semester – IV
Maths – I Calculus – III Calculus & Several Variables
Maths – II Algebra – III Algebra – IV
Maths – III Discrete Mathematics Ordinary Differential Equations
Course Semester – V Semester – VI
Maths – I Integral Calculus Real and Complex Analysis
Maths – II Linear Algebra Algebra
Maths – III Topology of Metric Spaces Metric Topology
Maths – IV Graph Theory as an elective at T.Y.B.Sc. Graph Theory and Comninatories as an elective at T.Y.BSc.


Prospects after TYBSc. Mathematics:

  • Teaching
  • Actuarial Science
  • I.T. Companies
  • Analytics (Finance)
  • Banking Industry
  • Research
  • Computing


TY BSc – Mathematics Department