Staff Profile:

    • Mr. Vikas Ware : M.Sc. (Head of the Department)
      Area of Interest: Mathematics and Computer Programming.
      As member of the examination committee he has developed a software to be used for the purpose of result analysis.
    •  Ms. Riddhi Bharani: M.Sc., M.Phil.
      Area of Interest: Computer programming and Combinatorics.
    • Ms. Sadhana Mishra : M.Sc.
      Area of Interest: Mathematics in particular algebra and analysis.
    • Mr. Kunalkumar Shelar : M.Sc.
      Area of Interest: Linear Algebra and Combinatorics.
    • Mr.Prashant G. Swami : M.Sc., B.Ed.
      Area of Interest: Differential Equations.
    • Ms. Pushpa Vishwakarma : M.Sc.

Salient Features:

      • Diverse teaching methods adopted.
        Department caters to Science students as well as Commerce students. Therefore diverse teaching methods are adopted depending on the need and size of the class.
      • Regular tutorial classes held in smaller batches for Science as well as Commerce students
        During these tutorial sessions students are encouraged to make presentations on various topics. Problem solving sessions are held.Remedial sessions are held with students who find it difficult to cope with the subject
      • Special  ‘Introductory Statistics’ module run for students opting for the Additional Credit Programme
      • The department encourages students to participate in intercollegiate competitions.
      • Bridge Program
      • Math Lab

Maths Association: Activities

Syllabi :

Placement 2015-16

A glimpse of the student activities in 2015-16

A glimpse of the student activities in 2014-15

A glimpse of the student activities in 2013-14