The department is recipient of the DST-FIST (Department of Science and Technology Funding for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure) grant and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) – STAR College grant since 2016-2017

Staff Profile:


Ms. Hemalatha Deshpande, (HOD) : M.Sc. (Mangalore University)
  She is very much interested in Physics popularization and is involved in motivating activities of Physics association. Her area of interest is Astronomy and Cosmology.
She is a recognized P.G. Teacher in Physics.She is member of IAPT.

Dr. Ms.Anita Kanwar, (Principal) : M.Sc. (Mumbai University), Ph.D. (Mumbai University)
  Her area of interest includes Liquid crystals, Nano-particles, Materials science and electronics. She has successfully completed two minor research projects sanctioned by Mumbai University and one major research project sanctioned by UGC. She is recognized guide of Mumbai University for Ph.D. in Physics. She is currently guiding two PhD students. She has many research publications in national and international journals.
Also received the Distinguished Associate Professor award from I.I.T. Spoken Tutorials and Computer Society of India in January 2017.
Patent Application is accepted and published


Dr. Devidas Gulwade: M.Sc. (Amravati University), Ph.D. (I.I.T. Bombay)
His area of interest is Ferroelectric materials, X-ray Crystallography and Rietveld analysis as well as Electrical and dielectric properties of ceramics.
He has many publications in national and international journals to his credit.
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Mr. Shrikant Ghodke: M.Sc. Physics (Nuclear Physics), M.Sc. Physics (Astronomy & Space Physics) (Mumbai University), JRF-NET (CSIR)
His area of interest includes Liquid crystals, Nano-particles, Materials science and Linux (free and open source software) popularization. He is a member of IAPT and IATE.He has completed two minor research projects sanctioned by Mumbai University.


Dr.(Mrs.) Sarla Rathi: M.Sc., Ph.D.
Her Ph. D is awarded by Mumbai University, but the work was done at BARC and TIFR. She is an Experimental Nuclear Physicist. She has 5 years post doctoral research experience in different labs like Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, VECC, in India and Institute für Kern Physik, Technische Universitaat, Darmstadt, Germany.Research area of expertise: Radiation detection, Accelerator based Nuclear Physics, mainly Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions using both stable and unstable ion beams, and electron scattering experiments. She is recognized guide of Mumbai University for Ph.D. in Physics. She is currently guiding one PhD student.


  • Recipient of IPA Best thesis award for the year 2003-2004 in D.A.E. symposium held at BARC.
  • DAAD fellowship for the year 2005-2006 (Awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service for postdoctoral research).

Memberships: Member of IAPT, IPA, was a member of DPG organization, Germany. Alumni of DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)
Collaborations: BARC


Dr. Santosh Bhaskaran : M.Sc. (IIT Bombay), JRF-NET (CSIR), Ph.D. (Pune University)
Email :
His area of interest is Gravitational Biophysics, Space Biology and Astrobiology. He is a Co-Investigator in a DBT Research Project titled “Application of microgravity assisted endothelial tubes in wound healings”, Amount sanctioned 46.758 lacs. Recently he has received a sum of Rs. 27,000 from Mumbai University. His patent application for Interplanetary Travel G Simulator along with Dr. Suvro Chatterjee has been approved by CSIR for PCT patent. He has provided consultancy services to Prof. Mohan Karuppayil, School of Life Sciences, SRTMU, Nanded by developing a clinostat for him.He is Reviewer in reputed international journals viz., Astrobiology and PLOS-One.
An ex-member of the International Society for Gravitational Physiology and the American Physiological Society
Recognised as Guide for M.Sc. (by Research) under University of Mumbai since September 2018
Patent Application is accepted and published
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Salient Features:

      • Remedial Course for F.Y.B.Sc./S.Y.B.Sc. students in need of academic support.
      • Talent nurture/Bridge Course for S.Y.B.Sc. students opting for Physics in T.Y.B.Sc. The course involves problem solving sessions, lab sessions. Besides improving on their conceptual understanding and orienting students for final year, this program is also intended to prepare our students for competitive exams such as NGPE, IIT-JAM, Central universities etc.
      • Capacity Building Courses on special topics such as XRD, Monte-Carlo simulation, Space Biology and Medicine, etc.
      • Many state-of-the-art equipments for academic and research activities. These include
        • UV-Vis spectrophotometer
        • Microbalance with densitometer
        • Zeeman Effect apparatus
        • Constant Deviation Spectrometers
        • Three-axis travelling microscopes
        • Four probe apparatus
        • Ultrasonic interferometer
        • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
        • Millikan’s Oil Drop Experimental Setup millikan
        • e/m Apparatus
        • LCR Q meter
        • Geiger Muller Counter
        • Microprocessor kits

Research Awards:

      • Dr. Santosh Bhaskaran won the third prize for oral presentation at the 4th National Conference of the Indian Society of Systems for Science & Engineering, Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad in September 2019.
      • TY BSc. student (19-20 batch) Sagar Ramchandani won the second prize at state level in pure science category of 14th Maharashtra State Inter-University Avishkar Research Convention 2019-20.


      Our Alumni:

      Students join post-graduate programs of various universities and they also have been selected in graduate school of TIFR, Graduate School of S.N. Bose Centre, Kolkata and Integrated Ph.D. programme in IISC, BARC etc. Our alumni also include people working in National Labs like BARC,  academic institutions in India and abroad, software companies, industries and various other fields.


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      Active Physics Association:

      Talk by TY student Shah Ali Mirza on the occasion of 158th birth anniversary of J.C. Bose Talk by Dr. Anant Raheja on “Business in Science”
      Talk on “Aerosols and Climate Change” by Tejas Rathod (2010 batch) Talk on “Hadron Physics” by Dr. Kanchan Khemchandani (1996 batch)
      Kaun Banega Physicist Visit to BARC on National Science Day 2018

      Physics Department Activity Report