Physics Association

The department has a vibrant and active association. Students from F.Y., S.Y. and T.Y. B.Sc. are encouraged to participate in various activities of the association. These include Students’ Seminars (talks by students on their topics of interest related to physics and physicists), Physics Exhibition, Quiz, Physics Treasure Hunt , Science fiction story writing and Physics Problem League (PPL) . In addition, experts from diverse fields of research as well as alumni are invited to give talks on their field of expertise. Other activities are intercollegiate events such as Kaun Banega Physicist (at degree and junior college levels) and Workshops/Seminars on recent trends in physics. Students are also given opportunity to visit various research labs in BARC, TIFR, HBCSE and Mumbai University. Based on the overall academic performance, few students are selected to carry out a summer training/internship project after their T.Y. exams in BARC, HBCSE and TIFR.


Invited Talks

“Business in Science” by Dr. Anant Raheja on 01/07/2017


Students’ Seminars


“Fundamental forces, a choice to make” by Ritika Singh (TY) and Sagar Ramchandani (SY) on 28/07/2018


“Paradoxes in Astronomy” by Ritika Singh (SY) on 27/01/2018


“A Sky Full of Stars” by Shruti Tripathi (SY) on 22/07/2017


“Gravitational Waves” by Ritika Singh (FY) and Yashodhanandan Sharma (FY) on 28/01/2017


Talk by TY student Shah Ali Mirza on the occasion of 158th birth anniversary of J.C. Bose


“Computational Physics” by Siddharth Sardesai (TY) on 09/07/2016


Alumni Talks

Talk on by Dr. Rajesh Narayanan  (1991 batch) on 04/06/2018


Talk on Careers in Physics by Deepak Jalla  (2006 batch) on 10/12/2016


Talk on Aerosols and Climate Change by Tejas Rathod (2010 batch) on 03/09/2016


Talk on Hadron Physics by Dr. Kanchan Khemchandani  (1996 batch) on 16/01/2016

Workshops and Seminars Organised


Nuclear Physics Workshop


Seminar on Biophysics


Visits to Research Labs

Visit to BARC on National Science Day 2018 Visit to BARC on National Science Day 2016