Computer Science


Staff Profile:

      • Mr. Sujit Chavan: MCA, MSc Mathematics
        Area of Interest: Mathematics and Programming Technologies
      • Ms. Neha Narne: MSc Computer Science
        Area of Interest: Programming
      • Ms. Rajashree Date: MSc Computer Science
        Area Of Interest: Programming



Experts from the field are invited to conduct guest lectures.


Subject Introduction:
Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. The Principal areas of study within this course include operating systems, databases systems, programming languages, networks & security, software engineering etc. The course is designed such that the students after graduation can definitely get a good job in industry. They can also go for post-graduation and contribute in the field of research. In addition to Computer Science subjects, you will also learn some papers of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics (as per year) which are useful to this field. The subjects like –


        • Computer Science teaches the techniques for developing software,
        • Mathematics develops the ability to think, reason & develop logic,
        • Physics makes you understand how things work,
        • Statistics helps you to learn how to analyze data


Thus a computer science student always performs well either in industry or in higher education.


Salient Features:

        • Established in 1999
        • Committed, Experienced and qualified staff
        • Well-Equipped Laboratory with internet connectivity
        • Recipient of Star College Grant (DBT)
        • Has a good placement record and conducts Joint Campus Recruitment Programs by companies like IGate, Tech Mahindra, HCL, TCS, Wipro etc for students of computer science, IT, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biotechtech & Microbiology of various colleges
        • Conducts an intercollegiate festival “VIHAAN” for the students of Comp. Sci, IT, MCA, Engineering etc.
        • Has a strong & active alumni who visit & provide guidance on career aspects, soft skills and Technology
        • Provides Guidance for Post Graduate Courses like MCA, NCST, DAC & certification courses like RHCE, Oracle Certifications and Java Certifications
        • Conduct of Workshops and Enrichment sessions
        • Conduct of Subject specific Industrial Visit
        • Our Youtube Channel


Our efforts have translated into the following Learning Outcomes



Career ahead: MSc Computer Science/MSc IT/ MCA / MBA/ Job/Any other

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BSc Computer Science Syllabus


Security Seminar
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