Conduct of Workshops and Enrichment sessions

Conduct of Certificate Courses:


Title/Brief Description of Workshop/Add-on

Duration of Course

No. of Attendees

mongoDB Workshop for FY and SY Students

20th Nov – 23rd November 2013


Python Workshop

15th April-18th April 2013


Photoshop Workshop

26th Dec – 30th Dec’14


Android Workshop for Students by AppFluxus in Asso with IIT Roorkie

16th – 17th April 2015
9.30 – 6pm


Perl Workshop for FY Students by SY Students

5th May – 8th May 16
10 am – 1 pm


PHP-HTML-MYSQL Workshop Add-on by
FY Student for Second Yr and Third Yr students

25th – 29th April 2016



Enrichment Session:



Title/Brief Description of Enrichment Session

 Duration of Course

 No. of Attendees

Comp Sc

Photoshop workshop for Teachers –

22nd, 23rd and 25th Apr 2013

12 Teachers

Comp Sc

Personality Development Skills/Soft Skills by alumni Sneha Hariharan, Capegemini

23rd April 2016
17th Oct 2015
12th Sept 2015

3 hrs each *3 days = 9 hrs

Comp sc

Soft Skills by Harmit Jasani

25th April 2016

10 am – 1pm

Comp Sc

Dot Net Sessios by Heena Kausar to SY Students

22,23,25 and 29th Oct 2012

10 hrs

Comp Sc

Lecture on Internet Security

9th Nov 2012

1.5 hrs

Comp Sc

Job Prospects after TYBSc CS and on Work Culture by Abhishek Pavale(CapeGemini),Aditya Joshi(iGate) and Rahul Nair(Tibco), Harsh Damania (LnT Infotech)

21st June 2014

3.5 hrs

Comp Sc

Session by Prof Alark Joshi from University of SanFrancisco on Data Virtualization and on Skype
1)Online resources to supplement your in-class learning
2) Why and how to get into conducting research as an undergraduate student
3) How to network and find mentors to shape your own career
4) Resources and opportunities for education in America

13th Jan 2014 at College,

28th July 2014 on Skype

1.5 hrs

2.5 hrs

Comp Sc

Cloud Computing for SY and TYBsc Comp Sc
TY – Harmit, Aakash and Vikram –

22/0715 and 27/07/15

3 hrs

Comp Sc

mongoDB Session by Ravindran and Chetan in lab

13th Aug 2015

3 hrs

Comp Sc

Aptitude Preparation

5th Jan, 12th Jan’16

5 hrs

Comp Sc

CyberLaw by Prof Varsha Athavale

8th Feb 2014

1 hr

Comp Sc

Session by an alumni, Mr Nilesh Bhoite, Global Talent Acquisition Deirector of Loreal for FYBSc and SYBSc CS on Resume writing and Interviewing Skills

29th March 2014

3 hr

Comp Sc

Project Presentation by Mohini To SYBSc CS

25th April 16