Information Technology

Department of B.Sc. (Information Technology)
Staff Profile:


Mrs. Shital Patil: MCA., C-DAC. (In-charge Co-ordinator)
Area of Interest:Linux RHLL, Programming Languages, DCN, Internet Technology, Web Designing, Modern Operating System


Mrs. Prajisha Jitesh: M.Sc (CS)
Area of Interest: Network Security, Programming Languages, Web Designing, DCN, Internet Technology, Wireless Communications


Mr. Ganesh Anandraj : M.Sc (IT), PGDM-HRM
Area of interest: Web technologies, Mathematics


Mrs. Divya B Shetty : M.Sc (IT)
Area of Interest: Software Engineering, Software Testing, Project Management, Computer Networks, Operating System, Introduction to Computers


Visiting faculty – Mrs. Geetanjali B Yatnalkar: B.E. (Industrial Electronics), M.E.(Electronics)
Area of Interest: Embedded system, IOT, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Electronic Communication, Linear Integrated Circuits, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Electronics and Communication, VLSI Designs


Salient Features:

Departmental Highlights:

  • Qualified core faculty
  • Experts from the field are invited as Visiting Faculty
  • Very good placement record
  • Practices notice board study to share the latest happenings
  • Develops vocabulary building skill to improve the vocabulary skills of the students
  • peer-to-peer learning methodology of teaching
  • Four different forums’ namely activity report forum, forum slot forum, feedback forum and notice board study forum, creation in SYBSc IT to ensure the smooth transactions of the department
  • Book-Review as one of the internal evaluation criteria for FYBSc IT Students
  • Chart making competition for FYBSc IT students in the subject of Professional Communication
  • Regular conduct of guest lectures and seminars in the forum slot by the Industry/alumni/Subject-Expert
  • Regular conduct of behavioral study sessions and GD sessions at forum slot
  • Provides In-House Library (other than the college library) to access more number of books
  • Strong and effective informal external linkages
  • Extended Alumni Support
  • Mini projects to collate the theoretical view into practical applications
  • Alumni Sessions and industries workshops  to enhance the employability skills of the students


Add-on/Enrichment Courses:
Department conducts add-on courses to bridge the gap between curriculum and industry expectations.


Number of courses


Conducted on

In Collaboration with

Number of beneficiaries



Spoken Tutorial on Intermediate Python 13th June,2016-18th June Dept. Asso. 62 students
Effective training in the field of marketing 15th June,2016 to 18th June, 2016 Alumni Dept. Asso. 40 students
Course on “Cyber Security Certification”was conducted by 14th Aug, 20th Aug and 21st Aug’16 Dept. Asso. 32 students
Introduction to GUI Programming 20th, 24th, 25th and 26th October,2016 Dept. Asso 40 students
Photoshop and Video Editing January –February,2017 Dept. Asso 76 students
Data Analytics 6th, 7th,8th, 15th and 17th of April,2017 Dept. Asso 32 students



Effective Mktg 13-17th July’15 Alumni Dept. Asso. Around 30 students
Pre-requisite to SE 23-30th Oct’15 Dept. Asso Around 40 students
Video Editing February’16 Dept. Asso 63 students
Data Analytics 9th to 13th of April,2016 Dept. Asso 25 students
Python (ICT initiative) 10-20th April,2016 IIT Mumbai 62 students
Employability skills workshop 20-30th April,2016 Dept. Asso 18 students
HTML 5 10th and 17th of April,2016 Dept. Asso. 27 students



Video Editing February,2015 Dept. Asso. 65 Students
Soft skills 16th& 23rd March,2015 Alumni Dept. Asso. Around 35 Students
Introduction to GUI Programming 20 to 26th March,2015 Dept. Asso. Around 45 Students
HTML 5 31st March & 1st April,2015 Dept. Asso. Around 35 Students



Android Programming 16th and 17th of Sep,2013 NIIT, Chembur Around 45 students
Pre-requisite to SE October,2013 Dept. Asso Around 40 students
Soft Skills 28th Dec,2013 CMC, Chembur Around 50 Students
Ethical Hacking 7th& 8th Feb,2014 Lucedious, Delhi, 80 Students
Video Editing February,2014 Dept. Asso. 59 Students



Pre-requisite to SE 15th to 19th October,2012 Dept. Asso. Around 50 students



  • Department:
    B.Sc IT Department secured the best department award in recognition of defined thrust areas by the College for the year 2012-13 and 2015-16.
  • Faculty:
    • Mrs. Jayalakshmi Srinivasan received “Shiksha Rattan Puraskar” award and Certificate of Excellence for Meritorious Services, Outsanding Performance and Remarkable Role. The award was given by Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh at New Delhi on 10th June, 2013
    • Mrs. Jayalakshmi Srinivasan received “Best Paper award (Oral Presentation)” and trophy in an International Conference conducted at Thakur College, Kandivili
    • Mrs. Jayalakshmi Srinivasan received “Best Paper award” and cash prize of Rs. 2500/- in an International Conference conducted at SIMSR, Vidya Vihar

External Linkages:
Department establishes informal external linkages through the following:

  • Barclays (53 students have cleared level 1)
  • ATS Infotech
  • Seed Infotech
  • NIIT
  • Geebee Overseas Education
  • Endeavor
  • CMC Ltd.,
  • Computrain
  • Aptech India Pvt. Ltd

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Alumni Activities:

Department has strong alumni linkages. Alumni helps department in various ways:

  • In conducting various seminars and workshops
  • In conducting add-on courses
  • In providing internships and placements
  • Adoption Scheme to help the economically backward students of the department
  • Cricket League to reunite the alumni
  • In evaluating the mini projects of the students
  • In helping all the ways for the conduct of tech-fest and other activities of the department

Prominent Alumni of the department


IT Association Activities:

  • Publishes department’s annual tabloid THAT’S IT (The Annual Magazine). ( )Include the contents not only from the IT field but also from cross-discipline as well.
  • An intercollegiate tech fest “SAGACITY”  – Second best tech fest of Mumbai- that inculcates group dynamics, communication and managerial skills. Dedicated website maintains by department students
  • Promotes research interest amongst students through the conduct of National Level Seminar; “Technocrat” is the organizing committee
  • Extension activity “Just-Do-IT”  to enhance the life-long learning skills of IT students.
  • Organizes Industrial Visit for students to get an industrial exposure
  • Family-day celebrations to felicitate alumni and faculties of the department

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