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CS IT Placements 2014-15

VES College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Department of Computer Science and IT

Placement Report 2014-2015


This year was full of placement activities. Actually, the students from the previous batch i.e. 2013-14 got the chance to take part in campus placement programs till the month of August ’14. Many of them joined companies in September 2014.

Many colleges this time conducted the joint campus placement program. Some of the colleges are CHM College, Thakur College, Pillai College, K J Somaiya College. Our college conducted the campus placement program for our BSc Computer Science , IT, Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology and Mathematics students. The number of companies contacted the colleges are LnT Infotech, Zensar Technologies, iGate , Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra and Wipro Technologies.

Following are the details of the students placement when and where the campus selection program was conducted and about the results.


  • On 2nd August 2014, the students of Third year Computer Sc and IT took part in Tech Mahindra Campus Placements at Thakur College but none of them were selected there.


  • On 8-9-10th September 2014 , the students attended the campus placement program conducted by CHM College for LnT Infotech. The results of this placement were really appreciable, though it is said that the level of LnT Infotech’s Aptitude exam is quite difficult. 4 students from Computer Science out of 12 and 7 students out of 51 from IT where selected. The names of the Computer Science students are Ms Akshada, Ms. Asfiya, Mr Bhargav and Mr Nikhil. The names of the IT students are Mr Pranay, Ms Rajashree, Ms Manasvi, Ms Kajal, Ms Samiksha, Ms Priti and Mr Ankit.


  • On 13th December’14 the Seed Infotech conducted the CRP (Campus Recruitment Program) for Comp Sc and IT students. They conducted the Aptitude Test, Group Discussions, HR and Tech Interviews for all the students. Generally, this company acts as a mediator. The selected students from this activity are sent to the campus placement programs conducted by other well known companies.



  • This time there was an innovative job/internship offer for Computer Sc, IT, BCom and BMS students at Sitara Shipping Co. Ltd. Ms Sanjam Gupta , the Director of the said company and WISTA had come up with the proposal for the female students. On 21st November, she along with our alumna, had been to college to meet Principal madam and the placement co-ordinator. Later on 17th December’14 she conducted a talk along with her assistant Ms Sneha who is our alumna, working as an Asst to Ms Sanjam mam were invited at our college to communicate about the same with the above said students.
  • On 16th December 2015, Zensar Technologies conducted the joint campus placements for our VES College and Pillai College students at Pillai college campus. The preliminary rounds of conduct of Aptitude test and Group Discussion were conducted here. This placement was conducted by Mr Niraj of Profound Technologies in collaboration with Zensar. On 22nd December, remaining rounds of Interviews (HR and Tech) were conducted at Somaiya College. Ruchita, Nikhil, Bhakti, Ajay and Asfiya are selected in the final rounds. Out of this, Asfiya rejected the job as she was not interested the System Maintenance job.


  • On 13th and 17th Jan’15, the iGate conducted joint campus placements at Thakur College. On the first day there was only an aptitude test conducted. On 17th Jan the other HR and Tech interview rounds were conducted. Out of 13 students from Computer Sc 4 students were selected and out of 50 students the 5 students were selected. Ajay, Akshada, Asfiya and Sushmita are selected from TYBSc Computer Sc. Manasvi, Priti, Rima, Sneha, Vaibhavi are selected from TYBSc IT.


  • On 19th and 20th Jan’15, the Infosys Placements were conducted at Pillai College. It was also a joint campus. Out of 13 students 7 students are selected from TYBSc Computer Sc.2 students from TYBSc IT students are selected. Ms Shamima, Ms Akshada, Ms Asfiya, Ms Pooja, Mr Bhargav, Mr Shashank and Mr Nikhil are selected from TYBSc Computer Sc. Mr Pradeep and Mr Suvankar are selected from TYBSc IT.


  • There was campus placement conducted by Wipro Technologies Ltd specially for our college students of TYBSc Computer Sc, IT, Micro, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Total 60 students had attended the first introductory seminar of Ms Anjana Verma, HR of Wipro Technologies. Later 45 cleared the Aptitude Test. It was conducted online in the labs available at our college.
    On the same day, 2 rounds of HR interviews were conducted, for that the two HR Managers had joined Ms Anjana Verma from Bangalore and Pune respectively to conduct the remaining two rounds of HR. Out of 45, 38 students are selected  Even the result was announced to the students on the same day. Out of that 12 are selected out of 14 students from Computer Sc, out of 50 students, 21 selected from IT, from Physics the 2 students are selected and 1 from Chemistry are selected.