Faculty of Science

Chemistry Department Students Intercollegiate/Intracollegiate and Chemistry Association Activities(2015-2016)




29th february2016 SCIENCE DAY A lecture was delivered by two of our alumni Mr.Rahul.Kumar (IIT-B) and Mr.Manoj.Yadav (ICT) on the concepts of Chemistry to our T .Y.BSc students
13/09/2014 Chemistry Aptitude test by Indian Chemical Society (Mumbai Branch)
On 13/09/2014
Result declared on8/01/2016
Vimla Vaishnav (T..Y.B.Sc.), Nilesh Gaikwad (T.Y.B.Sc.), Nisha Pandit (S..Y.B.Sc.), and Gauri Nirlankar (F.Y.B.Sc.)
Above four students came in the merit list. They were given certificates by Indian Chemical Society (Mumbai Branch)
02/05/2015 to 30/05/2016 Intensive training in R and D (Chemical Department
At RCF, Chembur, Mumbai
1) Vighnesh Nalawade
2) Prerna Patil
3) Jagruti Patil
These three T.Y.B.Sc. (Chemistry) students has completed one month Intensive training in R and D (Chemical Department
At RCF, Chembur, Mumbai
21st June 2015 International Yoga Day Three student attended event at VES Engineering College
1)Neesha Navik(SYBSc)
2)Khushboo Pandey (SYBSc)
3)Darshana Sharma (TYBSc Chemistry)Three student attended event at VES Polytechnic
1)Aashlesha Parde (SYBSc)
2)Shruti Singh(SYBSc)
3)Avinash J. Chinchagharkar (SYBSc)
31st July 2015 Chemistry Aptitude Test Organized by Dept of Chemistry, Ratnam College, Bhandup
Six TYBSc chemistry student participated in that event
1) Nainsi Chauhan
2) Khan Shabana
3) Bhagyashree Desai
4) Jayashree Phadtare
5) Nilesh Gailwad
6) Sarveshwaran NaiduNilesh Gaikwad secured First Rank in that event
28/8/2015 Chem Careers India -2015
Organised by ICT Matunga with RSC India.
Three of our T.Y.B.Sc students attended the event
1) Nayan Jagtap
2) Rakhi Moundekar
3)Chitra Shinde
11-13 August 2015 Workshop on Pericyclic Reaction
Organized by Kelkar College, Mulund
(Prof Kalippann from IIT Mumbai gives lecture there)
Seven students of M.Sc (Part -2 ) Organic Chemistry /participated in that Talk
1) Anjali Siddhu
2) Ashok Thombare
3) Arvind Sharma
4) Rukhsar Shaikh
5) Afreen Shaikh
6) Preeti Tripathi
7) Suraj Fulwaria
10th September 2015 CHEM-TALENTIA-2015
Dept of chemistry, (VES College)
Chemistry Aptitude Test:-
1) Sharada Sivaraman (FYBSC) 1st Rank
2) Nilesh Gaikwad (TYBSC) 3rd RankChem- Rangoli:-
1) Mandrika Chaurasiya (FYBSC) 1st Rank
2) Divya Darshini and Chitra Shinde 2nd Rank
3) Mamata Yadav and Komal Chavan ( Consolidate)

Poster presentation:-
1) Mandrika Chaurasiya (FYBSC) ( Consolidate)
2) Komal Chavan (FYBSC) ( Consolidate)

Treasure Hunt:- 
1)Goraksha Sahu, Pournima and Nilesh Gaikwad (TYBSC) 2nd Prize

2) Kshitija, Arifa and Sreelekha 1st Price

26-10-15 to 6-11-15 Vocational Training
At Advanced Training Institute, Govt .of India
Mr. Vighnesh Nalawade of T.Y.B.Sc completed vocational training of two weeks on analysis of gas chromatography
8-12-2015 to 10-12-2015 Three days seminar on spectroscopy at Vaze College Mr. Vighnesh Nalawade and Mr. Nilesh Gaikwad of T.Y.B.Sc attended three days seminar on spectroscopy at Vaze College
16th January 2016 FEST-Sci-Tech organisded by J.V.M. College, Airoli Anjali Siddhu of M.Sc. Part-II (Organic chemistry) participated in the following events
1) Rangoli
2) Poster Presentation
3) Best out of Waste
4) Essay
5) Chem-Ad
15th January 2016 RASAYANAM at Institute of Chemical of Technology (ICT)

M.Sc Student participated in following event

1) Ashok Thombre
2) Ruksar Shaikh
3) Afreen Shaikh
4) Preeti Tripathi
(Won Second Prize)

1) Arvind Sharma
2) Suraj Fulwaria

1) Ashok Thombare
2) Ruksar Shaikh
3) Preeti Tripathi
4) Afreen Shaikh
5) Arvind Sharma
6) Suraj Fulwaria

15th January 2016 RASAYANAM at Institute of Chemical of Technology (ICT)

T.Y.B.Sc. Chemistry student participated in following events

1) Nilesh Gaikwad
2) Vighnesh Nalawade
3)Khan Shabena
4) Nancy Chauhan
5) Sonali Pawar
6)Siddhi Mohite
7) Sharma Aksha
8) Khandalkar Aditi
9) Kiran Salunke

1) Chitra Shinde
2) Priya Singh
3) Jayashree Phadatare
4) Darshana Sharma
5)Khandalkar Aditi
6)Sharma Aksha
7) Kiran Salunke

14-17 March, 2016 Four Day Post Graduate Lecture series at Vaze College Arvind Sharma, Suraj Fulwaria, Anjali Siddhu of M.Sc. (Part-2) organic chemistry attended and completed Four Day Post Graduate Lecture series at Vaze College on 14-17 March, 2016