Chemistry-Science Mela 2016

Science Mela Report                                                 Date of Event: – 22/12/2016

Department of Chemistry
With the view of developing the scientific temper and a spark of curiosity, sharpening the observation, understanding the basic and advanced principles of Science.
We started with an innovative concept this year of organizing a Science Mela on 22nd December 2016 for students from neighbouring schools and junior colleges to develop their interest and pursue their education in Science.
The enthusiasm from the children’s side was at the top while observing experiments and models.
The chemistry department had organized more than 20 experiments, demos for explaining the basic and advanced concepts of Chemistry by using models, exhibits and equipment’s were created by using simple, low-cost readily available materials .The entire department bore a joyful and festive look with a Chemical Christmas Tree, Lighted Periodic Table, working models of Nuclear Reactor and Sewage Water Treatment Plant.
The students were shown various experiments correlating theory to practical’s with examples of Chemistry in daily life cosmetics, drugs and dyes, golden nano particles. Various other experiments including the negative effect of aerated soft drinks,
To create a space for the community members to help them see and appreciate Chemistry in everyday life situations, a skit entitled “Chemistry and Black Magic”was organized on removing the superstitions or perils of black magic with the demonstration of suitable Chemistry experiments highlighting the Chemistry behind Black Magic.
Last but not least the gaming corner where innovative chemistry games were played and enjoyed by one and all.
The stupendous success of the Mela was the enthusiastic participation of every student from the department.
Prof. Rita Ramsinghani,
Head, Department of Chemistry