Book Bank

Book Bank Rules:

The college has 2 Book Banks

  • College book Bank.
  • Hingorani Book Bank which were started with the objective to help the needy students with low income.
    • The College Book Bank has sets of books in all the faculties ie. Arts, Science & Commerce. Hingorani Book Bank has set for Commerce Section and Microbiology only.
    • Book Banks facility is provided to regular bonafide students of the college.
    • The students are requested to fill up a form for the book bank at the beginning of the Academic Year and submit it to the Librarian along with proof of Annual Income.
    • Selection of the students for this facility will depend on Income of the students. From the applications received the students with lower income will get the benefit of the Book Bank.
    • College Book Bank and Hingorani Book bank students of Commerce section have to pay a charge of Rs. 100/- ie. Rs. 50/- as deposit and Rs. 50/- as Reading charges. Hingorani Book Bank students of Microbiology section have to pay a charge of Rs. 45/- ie. Rs. 25/- as deposit and Rs. 20/- as Reading charges in the first year and thereafter only Reading charges in the subsequent years. The deposit which is taken in the first year is returned to the students after leaving the college.
    • Students will be allowed to keep the books for the entire Academic Year and return the same to the Librarian after their examinations, failing which they have to pay a fine of Re. 1/- per day per book.
    • Students are required to handle books and reading material very carefully. Marking library books with pencil or ink, tearing the pages or spoiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case, the last reader will be held responsible unless he shows the Librarian at the time of issue that the book had been previously marked or damaged. In the event of damage of any kind, the last reader will be liable to compensate for damage. Books will have to be replaced and an additional cost of Rs.10/- will have to be paid as processing charges.
    • In case a Reader loses a book he/she should replace the book. In case the book cannot be replaced the current price of the book and an additional charge of Rs. 10/- as processing charges will have to be paid.