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Inter-collegiate 21st June 2015 International Yoga Day A contingent of students and teachers attended this event at VES Engineering College and at VES Polytechnic.



30th June, 2015

11.10 a.m. to 1.10 p.m.

Financial Quiz

An inter-collegiate financial quiz competition was conducted by TYBMS and SYBMS students under the Knowledge Club activities.

Students of SYBMS also created an awareness drive on the harmful effects of instant food and ready to eat food.

Computer Science 5th to 8th May 2015 Perl Programming Workshop From 5th May to 8th May 2015, SYBSc CS students Mr. Harmit Jasani, Mr. Aakash Bora and Mr. Akshay Shelake conducted a workshop for FYBSc Computer Science students to cope with new technology. 25 FYBSc students attended the same.
Physics June 2015 Physics Problem League (PPL)

We have initiated Physics Problem League

(PPL) as a part of a talent nurture program. The objectives are:

· to promote peer learning

· to encourage physics discussions among students

· to promote problem solving skills

The students are made to participate in this program as a mixed group of three students from second and third year. This competition will be a continuous activity. One problem will be given every month.

Student groups will then submit their solution within two weeks.


Biotechnology 23rd June and 26th 2015

Seminar competition

(TYBSc and SYBSc)

Students presented a seminar on topics of their choice. Prizes were subsequently awarded to the best presentations.


Computer Science

May 2015

ACP Modules

  1. ACP Module 2 completed by 4 students of SyBSc CS Akshay Shelake, Harmit Jasani, Sagar Kharade and Kiran Sidbache in May 2015.
  2. Three students of FyBSc Computer Sc, Ms Ashwini, Ms Vaishali and Ms Ankita completed 1st module of ACP  in May 2015

Intra-collegiate/ Departmental Activities

3rd and 7th July 2015

ACP Presentations

The ACP Presentations were held on projects undertaken over the last academic year. A panel of in house faculty judged them.  Mr. Harmit Jasani  (guided by Mrs. Aarohi Parimu Khar) and Ms. Selvi Yadav’s (guided by Mrs. Samhitha Sharma Kain) presentations were adjudged the best in their respective slots.


4th July 2015

Financial Literacy Seminar for FYBA, SYBA, TYBA and SYBCom Investment Analysis students

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” The words of Classical Greece’s premier philosopher and mathematician, Plato, have never been as relevant as they were when the sound of applause filled the Forum Hall at the end of the Financial Literacy Seminar held by the Economics Association on 4th of July 2015. Mr. Bhavin Shah, the Director of Latin Manharlal Group of Companies, touched the very soul of each and every student seated there and took them to a new world, where even teenagers and fresh adults like them could be savers and investors. A special thank you is reserved for VES College of Arts, Science and Commerce alumna, Ms. Manisha Punjabi, who brought forth the opportunity of this collaboration between LM Group and her alma mater.


25th July 2015

“To Know Your Tax Obligations”

1. On line filing of ITR-1
2. Poster Competition

Banking & Insurance


Orientation for the First Year Students

S.Y. (Banking & Insurance) students organized Orientation for the First Year Students through a Skit & a PowerPoint Presentation. The Principal, faculty members and parents graced the occasion.

Banking & Insurance


Poster making competition

An Inter-departmental poster making competition on the topic “Advertisement By Banks” was organized to celebrate the day of Nationalisation of banks.

Bio- technology

21.7.15 to 24.7.15

Essay writing Competition.

The Micro-Biotech Association conducted an essay writing competition for the students of F.Y.B.Sc (Micro and Biotech), S.Y.BSc(Biotech) andT.Y.BSc.(Biotech).

Computer Science

22nd July 2015
2.30 pm to
3.20 pm

Seminar on Cloud Computing

Mr. Aakash Bora of TYBSc Computer Science conducted a seminar on “Cloud Computing as a Distributed and Parallel System” for the students of SY & TYBSc Computer Science on 22nd July 2015.  Around 72 students attended the session.

Computer Science

27th July 2015
2.30 pm to
3.20 pm

Seminar on Cloud Computing

Mr. Harmit and Mr. Vikram of TYBSc Computer Science conducted a seminar on “Cloud Computing and its Services” for the students of SY & TYBSc Computer Science on 27th July 2015.  Around 52 students attended the session.


25th July, 2015


10 students of TYBA participated in the debate on ‘Mind controls the Body’. The debate was judged by Mr. Dyson Chandy and Mr. Riddhi Bharani


25th July, 2015

Poster presentation

All students of SYBA prepared charts for poster presentation on the topic ‘Health Promotion’.


3rd, 6th , 8th, 10th, 15th and 24th July 2015

Movie Screenings

The screened movies were ‘Shawshank Redemption’, Father Son and the Holy War Part II, ‘The Insider’, ‘127 Hours’ and ‘The Bucket List’.

Inter – collegiate

31st July 2015

Chemistry Aptitude Test

Organized by Dept of Chemistry , Ratnam College, Bhandup
Six TYBSc chemistry student participated in that event. Mr. Nilesh Gaikwad secured the First Rank in that event

Mega Events


PTM and F.Y.B.Sc Orientation

About 30 parents of students enrolled in F.Y.B.Sc attended the meeting. Both the parents and their wards were acquainted with the college and the credit system.

Information Technology

25th Jul 2015

National Level Seminar

The second National level seminar “Technocrat” was organized by the department on 25th July of this month.
Dr J.K.Sahoo, Assistant Professor, BITS PILANI Goa Campus;  Mr. Shridhar Iyengar, Computer Vision and Image Processing Expert, Bangalore and Mr. Hiren Dand, Chair-person B.Sc IT, HOD , B.Sc & M.Sc. IT, Mulund College of Commerce, Mulund were the resource persons. The seminar was inaugurated by them and our Principal Dr. (Mrs.) J.K. Phadnis. It witnessed 220 participants from all over the country and also had 4 International-Level participations.

Information Technology

25th Jul 2015

That’s IT

The Department launched 9th Edition of its Magazine “That’s IT” on 25th July of this month (1000 copies ).

Invited talks
Information Technology

25th Jul,2015
11.30 TO 12.30


SYIT students attended the GD session conducted by one of our alumni Mr.  AKASH SAIGAL

( G ) Others (Awards, Industrial / Study Visit) ect.
Computer Science

4th July 2015
4 pm to 5 pm

Seminar at CSI

On 4th July 2015, 15 students of TYBSc and SYBSc Computes Science attended a seminar on Performance of Big Data conducted at Computer Society of India.

Information Technology

13th Jul,2015

FYIT Orientation Program

Parents’ Meeting for FY.B.Sc (IT) students was from 11.30-1.30 to discuss the rules of college, department activities and exam rules.


13th July-17th July 2015

Add-on course

An Add-on course on “Effective training in the field of marketing” by the department alumni working in the field of marketing for SYIT students from 2-6 pm for 5 days. Students have completed 20 hours of sessions.


August 8



The Annual Cultural festival of the BMM department was held on this day.


August 28

Rotaract Membership (Football League)

A football league for the new members was organized.


1st Aug 2015,

Particle Physics

A presentation on ‘Particle Physics’ by SYBSc student, Mr. Ali was held on this day.


8th Aug 2015

Quiz Elimination Round

F.Y., S.Y., T.Y.BSc students participated in this.


14th Aug 2015

Movie Screening

A movie entitled,’ Ek Doctor ki Maut’ was screened for all students of B.Sc. Biotechnology and Microbiology. The movie is about the struggle of a doctor doing research on a vaccine for leprosy.

Computer Science

8th August 2015


On 8th August 2015, 2 students of SY (Vaishali and Ankita) conducted a session for FYCS on Algorithms and Problem Solving between 2.30 pm to 4.20 pm.  Around 39 students attended the same.

Computer Science

4th August 2015 &
10th August, 2015

Group Discussion

On 4th August 2015, Ms. Madhavi conducted a GD on SY Class on the topic of “Need for good leaders in India”.  16 students participated in the discussion.  On 10th August 2015, she again conducted Group Discussion in the same class on the topic of “MBA is a rush for big money”.  10 students participated in the GD.


August 29

Debate Competition

Two students of FYBMM, Ms. Latika Sharma and Mr. Ashok won first prize in Debate competition and Mr. Ashok was also awarded the title of the best speaker


20th Aug 2015

Nammami Sindhu

A Sindhi cultural programme was conducted by VES in association with NCPSL. Students of FYBMS/SYBMS presented various cultural events.


21st Aug 2015

Knowledge Club

“Music Fiesta” a musical jam session was conducted by SYBMS students as a prelude to their confluence theme where students enjoyed various musical numbers and instruments


22nd Aug 2015

K.C College

Students of SYBMS took part in a Cricket Tournament and a Fashion Show


26th Aug 2015

MCC college

Students of SYBMS took part in visual merchandising and TRtro stock and won the third and first prize respectively


22nd Aug 2015


The Department of Mathematics conducted the M3 Contest on 22nd August, 2015. The M3 Contest is a written mathematical quiz. The annual contest was conceived and previously conducted by Prof. L.C. Khithani for 25 consecutive years. After his retirement in August, 2014, the M3 Contest was conducted this year for the 26th time. The quiz was designed by him this time around too. This year in all, 158 students participated in M3. Of them, 90 belonged to the Swami Vivekanand Junior College (21-Commerce stream, 69- Science stream). The remaining 68 were students of V.E.S. College of Arts, Science & Commerce (17-Commerce stream, 51- Science stream).
Following were the winners of the contest in various categories.

College Stream Prize Winner Class
V.E.S. College of Arts, Science & Commerce Science 1st Pallavi Rai SYBSc
2nd Nakul Gupta TYBSc
3rd Shaikh Khushboo FYBSc
Comm-erce 1st Rajan Gupta FYBCom B (223)
Swami Vivekanand Junior College Science 1st Mhatre Pranay Muralidhar XII (3711)
2nd Kalpak Tole XII  (B- 3360)
3rd Sushant Jain XII (B-3340)
Rishikesh Karhalkar XII (3344)
Commerce 1st Prince Hingad XI (719)


Aug 2015

Environment-al Awareness Program at Wilson College

10 students from SYBSc participated in ‘Gaia’, an environmental awareness program organized by Wilson College. They performed a street play titled ‘Paani na milega dobara!’ on the theme of ‘Water conservation’ and won the second prize for the same.


11-13 August 2015

Workshop on Pericyclic Reaction

This was organized by Kelkar College, Mulund. Prof Kalippann from IIT Mumbai delivered a lecture there. Seven students from M.Sc (Part -2 ) Organic Chemistry  participated in that Talk


19th Aug 2015

University Swimming Competition

Ms. Ugine of SYBMS won two silver medals in the university swimming competition.


17th Aug 2015

Industrial visit

50 students of SYBMS visited the Volkswagen Factory, Pune as a part of their Production Management subject



26th Aug 2015

University Youth Festival Debate

Ms. Lalitha Ravishankar of SYBMS won the Mumbai University Youth Festival Debate Competition along with Ms. Pooja of BT. They won the first prize.


7th to 9th Aug 2015


Prof. Vikas Ware organized a 3-day trekking camp to Harihar Fort and Basgad


10th Aug 2015
9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Visit to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

47 students visited Bombay Stock Exchange to understand its working and career opportunities in Capital Markets, They were accompanied by Prof. Sachin Bhandarkar


19 Sep 2015

Inter-class poster competition

An inter-class poster competition was organized by the department for the three divisions of the F.Y.B.Com classes. The topics were from Business Communication and the posters were presented by groups of 5. Dr. Minal Parab, Dept. of Environmental Studies judged the posters along with the department teachers. A group from F.Y.B.Com. ‘A’ was declared the winner.


2nd Sep 2015

Physics demo experiment.

Prof. Chakradev demonstrated Physics Experiments, from 2.00 p.m. for physics students and teachers.


6th Sep 2015

Marathi Vignyan
Parishad Workshop

Three SYBSc students assisted Prof. Chakradev
to show demonstration experiments to school
kids in a workshop conducted in Marathi Vignyan


4th Sep 2015

Microbiology–Biotechnology Association
Annual Prize Distribution

Awards were given to academically meritorious students, participants and winners of co-curricular association activities. Awards were in the form of trophies, certificates and cash prizes.

Computer Science

05th September 2015 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Inaugural function of CSA

On 05th September 2015, department organized Inaugural function of CSA [Computer Science Association].  Majority of the FY, SY & TY Computer science students attended the function.  Last year’s toppers were felicitated in the function.  Two ex-students (Mr. Anil Chouhan from ICICI & Mr. Aditya Joshi from CAPGEMINI) were invited to share their experience.

16th September 2015

Inauguration of Marathi Vangmay Mandal

Organised its inaugural cultural programme “RIMZIM”


10th Sep 2015


Events held included Chemistry Aptitude Test,
Chem- Rangoli, Poster presentation and Treasure Hunt.


3rd and 4th Sep 2015

Intercollegiate Economics Festival

At the Intercollegiate Economics Festival of Archarya College ,“Arthamathan”, the team sent by the college won the first prize in Poster Competition and the Second Prize in Elocution. Ms Nusrat from SYBCOM won both these prizes.

Computer Science

7th-8th Sep 2015


On7th & 8th September 2015, Mr. Akash Bora from TYBSc Comp Sci bagged 1st prize in the App guru event of SIES College’s Tech Fest “Utakrsha”.