Arvestus is an Estonian word which means “Tally”. The theme of Arvestusfor 2016-17 was ‘All Around the World’. ‘ARVESTUS- All Around the World’ incorporated essence of all the cultures around the globe and it was conducted on 23rd and 24th January 2017. Students from different colleges situated in Mumbai participated in various events such as Accquiz, Bull v/s Bear, Be an Entrepreneur, Journalisation to Finalisation, Rise of New Warrior, Diverge Your Madness, NukkadNatak and Explore the World.
Events in detail:

Diverge Your Madness: In this event participants were asked to advertise a product in a unique and innovative way. This event showed the creative abilities of the participants and some of the advertisements were comical.
Explore the World: Each team was required to present a historical event of any of the countries around the world along with the current economic situation. This event showed the different cultures prevailing in different countries.
Rise of New Warriors: Being an undergraduate student one expects the students to be well aware of the current events and happening, so this event aimed at testing their knowledge on current affairs and making them understand the importance of coordination, one of the principles of management.
Click me a Story: They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” so this was the essence of this event. Through a thread of pictures a team had to depict a story on social issues.
NukkadNatak: Different groups presented street plays on different social issues such as demonetisation, drug addiction and mobile addiction. This event was well appreciated as the topics were relevant and were presented in an innovative manner.
Bull v/s Bear: A financial event where participants slipped into the role of an investor and were asked to invest in dummy shares of different companies. Onewho took wise decisions earned better returns.
Accquiz: an accounts related quiz where Knowledge of accounts was tested.
Journalisation to Finalisation: Some transactions were given to the participants and they were supposed to solve these transactions with proper accounting solutions.
‘ARVESTUS 2017’ gave students of BAF a platform to showcase their organisational skills and imbibe values like team spirit, coordination, respect, harmony, compassion and perseverance. It also provided participants an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills, and helped them to enhance their social skills as well. Overallit was a successful event that gave everyone myriad memories to cherish.