The annual intercollegiate event of the department has been growing in strength year after year. This event is organized on a massive scale by the Second Year B.M.S. students attracting sponsors and participations from students across Mumbai. Each year the event adheres to a particular theme which is promoted throughout the year and the final culmination happens during the Confluences days.

Confluence 2018-19


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This year the annual inter collegiate event confluence was conducted on the 14 th and 15 th of December, 2018 with the theme-     7 Ps of marketing aptly titled the secret seven .

This year’s theme called –“THE
SECRET SEVEN” celebrates the seven Ps of service marketing as teams conceived and rolled out events
surrounding each one of the seven Ps. The seven Ps of service marketing are product, price, promotion,
place, physical evidence, process and people.

Events like product anatomy( product),The room (place) Biz Quiz(promotion), get more- pay less( price),
the story behind success(people), the marketing treasure (process)and frequency(packaging) were
conceived by the students and successfully implemented .Flyers, posters, post cards, website, banners,
social media, programs and brochures all were a part of the events. Each team had its own unique identity
in terms of positioning the event . T

he students made a brochure for sponsorship, were able to convince
sponsor about their event and the brand visibility they are likely to get , get participants to register for the
event and successfully conducted the event.

Through these five steps they were able to imbibe and
understand the 5 Cs of event marketing- conceptualisation, canvassing, costing, customisation and
carrying out.At the end of all these field activity each team presented in the classroom about how they
went about the entire event and why they should be graded as the best event marketing team.
The event also hosted experts from the field of marketing to judge the various events.


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