The BMM Department of V.E.S. College conducts Inter-Collegiate Festival ‘Impressions’ which are held every year in the month of January.


Colleges from across Maharashtra participate in the workshops, seminars and fun events.


Mass Media students at V.E.S. exemplify their learning and exhibit their talent through their festival called ‘Impressions’, a two day media festival which saw the light of day in January, 2004. It has been successfully conducted since the past two years and has been perceived and envisioned as a serious media festival encompassing mediums like Journalism, Advertising, Radio, Public Relations, Marketing, Films, Theatre and so on for media students across the city through events, seminars and workshops.


The theme for Impressions 2004 was ‘Wahoo’ which highlighted the ‘Energy of Media’. It included events like Magazine writing, Media Quiz, Debate, Best Ad Competition, Seminars on Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Sports Journalism and various other events. The highlight of the festival was the Panel Discussion which laid emphasis on the ‘Page 3’ culture in media. The panelists were veteral jounalist M.V. Kamath, Mohammad Wajihuddin from ‘The Indian Express’, film actor Rohit Roy and Page 3 writer Suresh Nair from ‘Bombay Times’. With names of that caliber, the discussion was a real eye-opener for the aspiring media students.

Judges for the festival included Rajiv Khandelwal (‘Sujal’ of Kahin Toh Hoga), Shashi Nair (eminent photographer), Pradeep Vijaykar (Sports Editors, The Times of India) and many more.


The next year was a mixture of fun and serious events at Impressions. The theme was ‘Battlefield’ that showed the war among various media organizations. Impressions 2005 began with a bang as Khalif Mitha (renowned musician) inaugurated the function. The festival included events like Spoofing a Political Campaign, Best Ad Competition, Street Play, Live Reporting, RJ Competiton etc. The seminars were delivered on Theatre, Copy writing, Portfolio Management and Workshops on Quark Express etc. Again the festival was highlighted by the Panel Discussion which threw light on Cinema: Art imitates life and vice versa. The panelist were Mayank Shekhar (Film critic, Mid Day), Sourabh Narang (Director of Vastu Shastra), Sudhir Mishra (Director, Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi, Chameli etc.) and actor Jay Kalra. The festival was also graced by judges like Vivek Madan (actor), R J Savio (GO 92.5 FM), theatre veteran Rajendra Mehra, Rayoman Patel (copywriter) and others.


The event concluded with fun events like Box Cricket and War of the DJ’s which was a big hit among the students. Well known band ‘Aasma‘ and DJ Akhtar also performed at the event.


The successful two years at Impressions led the students with a challenge to produce better themes and events each years and Impressions 2006 will be built around the theme, ‘Media: A Parallel Government’.


The festival has been well appreciated by media icons as well as students.