Science Mela

                                                                                                     SCIENCE MELA 2018


Suman Ganger (Convener)









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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.This very quote picked up from the works of XunKuang a Chinese Confucian philosopher that lived from 312-230 BC has been one of the core principles of learning.


The college believes in this very process of learning the students and staff of the science departments collaborated to organize the inter departmental event “SCIENCE MELA” on 22ndDecember 2016 which coincided with the birth anniversary of Ramanujan, a great Indian mathematician. Science Mela was conceptualized more of a co-curricular and an extension activity of the departments where the funding for organizing this mega event came from the grants received by the science departments through Department of Biotechnology under STAR College Scheme, Govt.of India.


The idea was an off shoot to a similar kind of event called “Micro-BTMela” which was organized by the Microbiology and Biotechnology department for last few years. This year all the other science departments (Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics) along with Psychology department join hands with microbiology and biotechnology departments on a single platform and decided to host SCIENCE MELA
Objectives behind SCIENCE MELA

  • To popularize SCIENCE among undergraduate students of our college and for students of nearby schools and junior colleges
  • Developing the scientific temper and a spark of curiosity, sharpening the observation, understanding the basic and advanced principles of Science.
  • Concept of Open Day wherein the Science labs were made open for non-science students of college and from invited schools and colleges
  • Peer to Peer learning which involves projects, experiments, charts and models prepared by the students for their peers
  • Value addition of team work, management skills, oratory skills

Some of the highlight activities by the participating departments


  • The Computer Science department students adapted a theme called “Jungle of Technologies” as various technologies such as Python, Apple etc have elements in jungle in them and decorated the entire lab to give a look and feel of jungle. For the students who visited lab, they organized various events such as Sessions on – Career guidance (in Computer Science), Blogging using WordPress and on Photoshop.
  • The Physics department brought the students closer to the concepts of various phenomena which takes place around us involving light, sound, electricity, gravity and others. The laboratory was packed with instruments developed in-house by the students.
  • The Information Technology department focused on various career avenues in an IT industry and had a guided tour of their department.
  • To create a space for the community members to help them see and appreciate Chemistry in everyday life situations, the Chemistry department students presented a skit entitled “Chemistry and Black Magic” on removing the superstitions or perils of black magic with the demonstration of suitable Chemistry experiments highlighting the Chemistry behind Black Magic. The entire department bore a joyful and festive look with a Chemical Christmas Tree, Lighted Periodic Table, working models of Nuclear Reactor and Sewage Water Treatment Plant.
  • Microbiology department gave access to the visitors into their labs and high ended instruments. Undergraduate to Post graduate to PhD students all were involved with setting up of various experiments viz. Alcohol fermentation, Mushroom Cultivation, Composting. They demonstrated the presence of bioluminescent organism which was isolated and showed colorful growth patterns in form of biorangoli. The visiting students were mesmerized by seeing the organisms under the microscope and spent quality time asking numerous questions to our students.
  • The biotechnology department took charge of advance techniques involving molecular biology and demonstrated experiments which involved isolating plant DNA and various chromatographic techniques. The enthusiastic students created a selfie corner in the college with props matching to organism and their phenomena.
  • The Psychology department focused on informing the students about the various Careers in Psychology. Students came up with a model of human brain within which 5 most popular theories in psychology was depicted. Visiting students were also explained facts about some common myths which people have about the field of psychology and therapists.
  • Mathematics department students celebrated Ramanujam birthday by preparing charts on his life and achievements. They kept students flocking their tables with unique games involving puzzles and related activities.

With the above activities going all the day, the visiting students relaxed themselves to short film screenings based on science and technology in the college auditorium.


Over 400 students came together to organize this mega event which had more than 30 schools and colleges participating with over 1000 students attended the fun fair. The event received a wide media coverage which was a sweet reward and a life time memory for us.