VESASC at a Glance

Education is a process leading to all-round development of a student helping him/her to acquire knowledge, develop knowledge through research activities and apply this knowledge ultimately for the betterment of the community, through extension activities.  Basically, developing good citizenship is a valued educational outcome that can contribute towards the development and progress of the nation and therefore assumes utmost significance for nation-building.


Ensuring inclusive development, democratic governance and sustainable growth require new knowledge, enhanced human competencies, and new institutional capabilities in the country. It makes it imperative therefore to sensitize students to the various aspects of good citizenship and the best way to do so is to integrate extension activities as an integral part of the curriculum, thus making it an important dimension at   Institutions of higher learning.


Our beloved Founder Member, Late Shri. Hashuji  Advani, a visionary, an educationist who believed that it is education that can contribute towards nation-building and it is this vision which always was the driving force for serving for the cause of education at VES, an education which is man-making, character building, a  process which leads to the holistic development of students.


“Enlightened society” is the mission of our college and to achieve this, Extension work has always been an integral part of the learning experiences given to our students. Several avenues are available to students for contributing towards a social cause. The NSS unit, LLLE unit, our outreach cell have conducted several awareness campaigns, helped the needy through extending service, financial/ support in kind, undertaken surveys to learn about societal requirements. These activities have helped them understand and appreciate how blessed they are, being able to be  a part of the Higher learning


Besides this, every department on the basis of their subject domain has its own niche through which they cater to societal needs. The BMM department very enthusiastically conducts the Social Awareness Week (SAW) annually, serving the community in a big way. The BMS department also has taken a lead by integrating Extension work as a part of the curriculum.


The Additional Credit programme , for the advanced learners, is a distinctive feature of our college. This programme has compulsorily included  “Extension work” as a mandatory part of its course structure.


Following units lead the extension activities of the college in addition to the Departmental extension activities which are carried out throughout the year.