Functions of WDC:
WDC in our college caters to

  • Observing the law on Sexual Harassment
  • Sensitising the students and staff on gender issues
  • Improving Physical & mental health of girl students by spreading awareness
  • personal hygiene and its importance on general wellbeing
  • Addressing complaints from victims ( students &staff)
  • Generation of legal awareness among women, thus equipping them with the knowledge of their legal rights and with a capacity to use these rights.

The complaints considered by the Women’s Cell:

  • Indecent behaviour
  • Physical harassment /abuse
  • Derogatory and offensive remark with sexual innuendos
  • Harassment through calls / text mess ages
  • creation of face book page with name with objectionable content
  • Obscene calls /messages
  • Obscene email

Information for students on Sexual harassment 
According to the Supreme Court, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexually determined behaviour such as:

  • Physical contact, gestures, or stalking
  • A demand or request for sexual favours
  • Sexually oriented remarks
  • Showing pornography
  • Use of electronic media (phone, internet, intranet) for perpetrating any of the above
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

It is important to note here that what constitutes sexual harassment is defined by the victim, and not by the perpetrator.
The Supreme Court, which regards sexual harassment as a violation of human rights and as a form of systematic discrimination against women, has issued guidelines to prevent, as well as punish, perpetrators of sexual harassment

Safety Tips

  • Tell the perpetrator to stop harassing
  • Don’t ignore the harassment. Don’t hope that it will stop on its own.
  • Never blame yourself for the harassment
  • Talk to somebody you trust about the harassment. It will give you strength to take action
  • Lodge a complaint personally, email or telephone call to any of the members
  • Keep records of events -Maintain a detailed record of all incidents related to the harassment. If you feel the need to register a formal complaint later, this record will be helpful

Activities 2015-16:

( A ) Departmental Activities 8th July 2015 –
10.20 slot and 11.30 slot
Role of WDC in VES College of Arts Science &Commerce An awareness drive was organized by WDC members to brief about role of WDC. All the students of VES were spoken to in their respective classrooms.
( F ) Invited talks 24thjuly2015 11.30-1.30 Talk on health and nutrition for students of VES college Dr. David Dale Chandy, Endocrinologist spoke to girl students about Health, Diet and Nutrition.
Students of SYBA, SYBCOM attended the program.
Seminar Attended 22nd August 2015 “Strengthening Women’s Leadership for a Changing World” Prof. Santhini & Prof Minal attended the Seminar organised by Ramakrisha Mission, Khar, Mumbai.
Inter collegiate event 28thNovember 2015 Sathaye College-Anti Dowry Week NSS and WDC team prepared students for the event. The street play presented by VES students won the third prize.
Cases attended 14th July to 20th July Case of emotional harassment Handled one case on emotional harassment reported by a student .A warning letter was issued to the perpetrator.

CURRENT MEMBERS (2015- 2018):

Dr. Jayshree Phadnis – Ex-Officio President of Cell (
Prof. Radhika Mohan – Convener of Cell (
Prof. Santhini S. Nair (on FIP) – (
Prof. D.D.Chandy – (
Prof. Aarohi Khar – (
Prof. Sadhana Mishra – (
Prof. Minal Parab – (
Prof. Heena Thakkar – (
Ms. Ritika Bhatia – Office representative (
Prof. Ashwini Ranade – External representative from NGO (Maharashtra Mahila Parishad, Chembur)
Ms. Richa Sharma – Student representative (2015-2016)